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The Standard Edition is the introductory offering providing access to core platform functionality.

/ per credit ($USD)

AWS, US East (Northern Virginia)

This edition includes all core platform functionality with fully managed elastic compute, security with automatic encryption of all data, Snowpark, data sharing, and optimized storage with compression and time travel.

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The Enterprise Edition is for companies with large-scale data initiatives looking for more granular enterprise controls.

/ per credit ($USD)

AWS, US East (Northern Virginia)

This edition includes all Standard Edition features plus the ability to use multi-cluster compute, granular governance and privacy controls, extended Time Travel windows, and more.

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Business Critical

The Business Critical Edition offers specialized functionality for highly regulated industries, especially those with sensitive data.

/ per credit ($USD)

AWS, US East (Northern Virginia)

The edition includes all features in the Enterprise Edition plus Tri-Secret Secure, access to private connectivity, failover and failback for backup and disaster recovery, and more.

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Virtual Private Snowflake (VPS)

Virtual Private Snowflake (VPS) includes all the features of Business Critical Edition, but in a completely separate Snowflake environment, isolated from all other Snowflake accounts.


Snowflake charges a monthly fee for data stored in the platform. Calculated using the average amount of storage used per month, after compression, for data ingested into Snowflake.

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On-Demand Storage

Pay for usage month-to-month.

/ per TB / per month ($USD)

AWS, US East (Northern Virginia)

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Capacity Storage

Discounted storage for capacity customers.

/ per TB / per month  ($USD)*

AWS, US East (Northern Virginia)

*Pricing listed is for Tier 1 pricing. For discounted pricing details, please refer to the Snowflake Pricing Guide.


Snowflake takes care of infrastructure management and provides the ease-of-use that only a unified, fully managed product can deliver.

Pricing feature table
Pricing feature table


Our engineers work relentlessly to deliver new and advanced features that deliver more power and performance, while continuously 
minimizing your total cost of ownership (TCO).

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