How does Snowflake use its own technology to save millions of dollars a year by managing employee software licenses? The answer: By using an internally developed app that collects data on software usage on a near real-time basis. Find out more in this enlightening “Data Cloud Now” interview with Snowflake CIO and CDO Sunny Bedi.

Why Snowflake

For IT

Access and govern all your data

Unite your siloed data and easily access governed and secure 1st-, 2nd- and 3rd-party data for previously unimagined insights.

Increase employee productivity and satisfaction

Leverage Snowflake's speed, concurrency, and extensibility to develop, manage and run data applications, models, and pipelines where data lives.

Collaborate seamlessly

Work and collaborate seamlessly across multiple clouds no matter where data, applications, or your local and global business communities reside.

Partners driving value

for IT teams

Data Sources

Data Visualization

Cloud Partners

Why leading IT teams

choose the Data Cloud

Customers using

the Data Cloud for IT


For IT departments

Streamline IT Operations

Improve First Contact Resolution

Accelerate first contact resolution to deliver a superior employee experience. Hear how Snowflake’s own IT team significantly increased first contact resolution.

Enrich CMDB Data

AT&T leverages their configuration management database (CMDB) data from ServiceNow in Snowflake for initiatives across the enterprise.

Accelerate Application Onboarding

Hear how Morgan Stanley uses Snowflake to accelerate application onboarding.

Deliver Value Across Business Units

Enable Data-Driven Marketing

Unifying first- and third-party data in Snowflake, PepsiCo’s IT team delivers actionable data and data science models to their marketing organization.

Improve Account Enrichment for Sales

Learn how Snowflake’s IT team improved data enrichment and delivered better account scoring.

Accelerate Product Development

Hear how 1-800-FLOWERS.COM IT team leverages Snowflake to make more frequent updates and improvements to its services without worrying about disruption to the end-user experience.

Scale and Optimize Your Data Stack

Optimize Performance While Reducing Costs

Snowflake enabled Cisco to optimize the performance of data workflows while reducing costs by 15%.

Scale Ingestion and Enrichment Infrastructure

Snowflake’s own IT team uses external functions to scale ingestion processes, deliver enriched data back to host systems, and automate alerts.

Activate Data Across Applications

Reverse ETL puts actionable data in the hands of business partners and automates previously manual efforts.


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