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How It All Started

In a decade, Snowflake has become a global force to help mobilize the world’s data

Snowflake’s founders started from scratch and built a data platform that would harness the immense power of the cloud.  But their vision didn’t stop there. They engineered Snowflake to power the Data Cloud, where thousands of organizations have seamless access to explore, share, and unlock the true value of their data.


Global customers

Thousands of organizations around the world rely on Snowflake to unite siloed data, discover and securely share data and execute diverse workloads.1


Daily Queries

Together, Snowflake customers have more than 5.0 B of data queries on the Data Cloud, with more than 515 million data workloads that run each day.2


Marketplace Listings

Find, try and buy ready-to-use data and applications from the Snowflake Marketplace to enhance your data and power innovative business solutions.3

Meet our leadership

Every employee matters at Snowflake. Meet the team that harnesses all that talent and passion, so we can continue to deliver world-class technology to our customers.

Leadership Team

Snowflake CEO Sridhar Ramaswamy and the rest of our executive team are seasoned experts committed to building an exceptional technology company.

Snowflake leadership
Board Of Directors

Board of Directors

Thanks to the guidance of our board, Snowflake continues to serve customers around the world with the Data Cloud.

Our Values

Our values represent who we are, at our best. We seek to exhibit these values every day. We focus on doing what’s right for our customers, shareholders and employees.

Put Customer First Icon
Put Customers First
Put Customers First

We only succeed when our customers succeed. Work every day to earn our customers’ business and trust. Listen to our customers, understand their needs and pain points, and focus on what matters to them. Deliver products our customers love. Compete fairly and passionately.

Integrity Always Icon
Integrity Always
Integrity Always

Be open, honest and respectful. Speak up and communicate candidly, even when it makes you uncomfortable or may be something others don’t want to hear. Constructive, respectful disagreement and debate encourages better problem-solving and decisions. Commit fully when decisions are made.

Think Big Icon
Think Big
Think Big

Be ambitious and have big goals. Do what matters and focus on what’s important. Innovate and be willing to take prudent risks. Make a positive impact and a lasting difference. Plan to win, play to win and expect to win.

Be Execellent Icon
Be Excellent
Be Excellent

Quality and excellence count in everything we do. Do your best work every day. Hold yourself and others to the highest standards. Common sense, creativity, practicality and simplicity matter. Think strategically, balancing today and tomorrow.

Make Each Other The Best Icon
Make Each Other The Best
Make Each Other The Best

Treat people with kindness and respect. Be inclusive and collaborative, bringing people and ideas together. Offer help and ask for help when needed. Listen. Give and ask for constructive feedback. Give praise and celebrate success. Teach and learn every day. Give back to our communities in meaningful ways and inspire others with your actions.

Get It Done Icon
Get It Done
Get It Done

Results matter! Work hard and smart. Execute. Be precise and accountable, yet nimble and agile. Make commitments, follow through and deliver.

Own It Icon
Own It
Own It

Build our product and our company like it’s yours, because it is. Hold yourself and others accountable at all times. Take initiative and ownership. Be responsible. Step up, own issues and resolve them. If you make a mistake, own it, fix it, learn from it and move on.

Embrace Each Other's Differences Icon
Embrace Each Other's Differences
Embrace Each Other's Differences

Accept and appreciate everyone from every walk of life. Be conscious and mindful that others may have a different experience from your own. Use our differences to strengthen who we are.

Snowflake employees in a meeting room in the Snowflake Dublin office

Join The Team

We’re on a mission to mobilize the world’s data by building the greatest data and applications platform. Not just of the cloud era, but in the history of computing. We’re looking for people passionate about data to take us there. At Snowflake, everyone has an impact. Join our team and help us deliver greatness.

Our Offices

Snowflake spans the globe

We’re a globally-distributed enterprise, with more than 6,780 employees working in over 40 offices worldwide (as of October 2023).



Business and technology publications have recognized Snowflake over the years for our product innovation and workplace culture.

1 As of April 30, 2024. Please see our Q1 FY25 earnings press release for the definition and description of our total customer count.
2 Average daily queries from April 1, 2024 to April 30, 2024.
3 As of April 30, 2024. Each live dataset, package of datasets, or data service published by a data provider as a single product offering on Snowflake Marketplace is counted as a unique listing. A listing may be available in one or more regions where Snowflake Marketplace is available.