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AI Data Cloud forHealthcare & Life Sciences

Simplify data architectures and deploy AI to improve health outcomes, accelerate time to market and enhance clinical and operational decision-making.

Unlock the Next Generation of Health Innovation

Our mission is to break down data silos and enable secure data collaboration across the healthcare and life sciences industry, and the essential partners and technologies that support them. 

Tap into an open, interoperable ecosystem that helps providers, payers and life sciences organizations overcome complex data architectures to improve health outcomes and reduce costs—all while maintaining the highest standards of data governance and privacy.

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Solve Business-Critical Use Cases with the AI Data Cloud for Healthcare & Life Sciences

Patient and Member 360

Personalize care with a holistic view of patients and members that combines multiple data sources.

Snowflake enables easy access to unstructured, semi-structured and structured data from a single platform with near-infinite scale, which helps organizations generate holistic, real-time patient and member views across clinical, claims, consumer and socio-economic data silos.

Protect sensitive PII and HIPAA information with Snowflake

Care Delivery

Break down data silos and provide the data and insights needed to modernize care delivery and improve health outcomes

Coordinate care with healthcare organizations across the ecosystem while retaining control of sensitive, regulated data with Snowflake’s privacy-preserving collaboration capabilities.

Supply Chain Optimization

Improve visibility across the healthcare and life sciences value chain to make your supply chain more resilient.

Proactively manage supply chain risk with a single, unified platform that delivers ease of use and powerful automations, generating fast insights that incorporate supplier events, transportation capacity and projected availability of commodity materials.

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Real-World Evidence and Commercial Effectiveness

Maximize go-to-market ROI and make sales and marketing more effective with real-world data.

Snowflake delivers access to critical clinical and real-world data that’s live and ready to use via Snowflake Marketplace, empowering life sciences organizations with actionable insights to improve product launches and patient adherence.


Build Your Cross-Cloud Future

The essential data infrastructure to break down data silos and enable collaboration and connectivity across the healthcare industry.

Use Case Spotlight

Healthcare Providers

Healthcare Payers

Life Sciences

Transform patient experiences

Create patient 360 views with real-time data at the point of care to personalize care experiences.

Improve clinical outcomes

Unlock value from fragmented data using Secure Data Sharing within and across organizations to modernize care delivery and improve health outcomes.

Drive operational efficiency

Build a secure, governed and scalable data infrastructure to streamline clinical and business operations.


Leaders in Healthcare & Life Sciences Choose Snowflake

“By taking advantage of the Snowflake virtual warehouse, we were able to meet our one-to-three-minute SLA for processing pipelines and bring down total runtimes by as much as 75%.”

Director, Data Management and Analytics, AMN Healthcare


Data lake cost savings by switching to Snowflake

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Partner Solutions Bring It All Together

Snowflake has a robust ecosystem of partners powering solutions that enable key use cases across healthcare and life sciences.

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Snowflake Marketplace

See the latest listings from essential industry data and app providers like IQVIA, Precisionxtract, Cybersyn and more.

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Build the future of your business by connecting essential systems integrators, technology providers and applications directly in your Snowflake account.

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See how leading data practitioners are building the future of the healthcare industry on Snowflake.

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