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Snowflake Manufacturing Data Cloud

Learn how Snowflake powers the manufacturing industry. 

Honeywell Improves Supply Chain with the Manufacturing Data Cloud

Learn how a leading, 100+ year old manufacturing company brings data from ERP, CRM, supply chain systems and more together in Snowflake to drive business impact.

Why Snowflake

for Manufacturing?

Improve Supply Chain Performance

Enable data collaboration with partners, suppliers, and customers in a secure and scalable way to drive greater supply chain resilience and visibility across the entire value chain.

Power Smart Manufacturing

Streamline operations within and across manufacturing plants, while also leveraging shop floor data in near real-time to predict maintenance needs, analyze cycle time, improve product yield and quality, and meet sustainability goals.

Build a Data Foundation

Break down data silos by ingesting both IT and OT data and analyzing it alongside third-party partner data with a single, fully-managed, secure platform for multi-cloud data consolidation with unified governance and elastic performance that supports virtually any scale of storage, compute, and users.

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