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Expand supply chain visibility for manufacturers, power Industry 4.0 smart manufacturing initiatives, and unlock insights from IoT data.

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The Snowflake Data Cloud for Manufacturing

Learn how Snowflake helps power the manufacturing industry.

Why Snowflake

for Manufacturing?

Improve Supply Chain Resiliency

Enhance supply chain visibility through data collaboration with key partners, improving product quality and on-time delivery with seamless and secure cross-cloud data sharing.

Power Industry 4.0 and Smart Manufacturing Analytics

Accelerate Industry 4.0 initiatives with Snowflakes elastic scale and native support for semi-structured, structured, and unstructured high-volume IoT data.

Enhance Customer Experience and Create New Revenue Streams

Gain access to high-volume, connected product (IoT) data and service history for optimal product performance. Create the next generation of products and services with new digital feedback loops and insights mined from IoT and consumer-insight data.

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Predicting disruptions with precision

How a world leader in digital supply chain fulfillment uses machine learning and real time data to predict and resolve disruptions faster and more efficiently than ever. See how Blue Yonder is being powered by Snowflake. 


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