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Marketing Analytics

Rely on the Snowflake Data Cloud to unify your fragmented data, deliver superior customer experiences, maximize return on marketing and advertising investments, and drive long-term growth.


Access your technology guide to unifying, analyzing, and activating data that powers amazing customer experiences. This report identifies leaders and ones to watch across six capabilities that comprise the modern marketing data stack. Findings are based on usage patterns from nearly 6,000 active Snowflake customers. 


for marketers

Deliver Holistic Insights, Faster

Seamlessly integrate the full breadth of customer data to power your marketing analytics. Leverage structured and semi-structured data from internal and external sources, across channels, and in real time.

Know and Serve Your Customers

Access and activate near-unlimited first-, second-, and third-party data to power your segmentation models, recommendation engines, and other artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) investments, so you can deliver relevant, accurate, timely, and consistent customer engagements.

Increase Your Marketing and Advertising ROI

Easily execute continuous analytics in real time, so data can reveal which of your engagements across a multitude of channels drive the greatest impact. Make decisions and take action in the moment to engage customers with messaging and offers they desire, thereby increasing customer acquisition and loyalty.

Marketing Analytics


Customer 360

Identity and Enrichment

Advanced Analytics

Customer Data Platforms

Machine Learning & AI

Why top marketers

choose the Data Cloud

Data driven

Marketing customers



Customer 360

Single Source of Truth

Bring together disparate data silos and enrich customer profiles while enabling compliance with privacy and regulatory requirements.

Customer Data Platforms

Operate from a single source of truth across the organization and leverage leading activation platforms to deliver the most personal and impactful experiences for customers.

Data Science

Learn how US Foods applied predictive analytics on top of its 360-degree view to better optimize promotions and measure results.

Campaign Optimization

Personalization and Multi-Channel Customer Experiences

Launch more personalized, closed-loop campaigns across channels with the Data Cloud.

Optimize Advertising Effectiveness

Reach your desired audiences and maximize return on advertising spend (ROAS) with Snowflake.

Increase ROAS

Make every campaign dollar count with the Modern Data Stack for Marketers


Multi-Touch, Cross-Channel Measurement

See how PepsiCo brought its media campaign data in-house and built an ROI engine.

Clean Rooms: Attribution in a Cookieless World

Discover the unique secure multiparty computation capabilities of the Data Cloud– including data clean rooms– for solving identity resolution, attribution, and measurement.

Customer Lifetime Value (LTV)

See how Square leverages AI and ML to measure LTV by customer and drive next-best actions


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