Break down data silos, enrich customer profiles, resolve identities and enhance customer data governance.

Unify All Business and Customer Data

Breakdown silos and unify customer data in a single platform with native-first and third-party connectors that instantly and securely ingest data from any source.

Enrich Profiles and Natively Resolve Identities

Securely enrich your customer profiles with thousands of data sets available in Snowflake Marketplace, and seamlessly resolve identities with applications from leading providers native to the platform.

Manage Consent and Quickly Act on Data Subject Requests

Honor your customer’s data consent choices and comply with privacy regulations globally by quickly and effectively acting on data subject requests.

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Being customer-centric requires us to have a data-driven culture. We must ask ourselves how we can optimize the supply chain, product design, predictability and propensity of customers to buy our products. These are all data challenges.

Fabio Luzzi
VP of Data Science and Engineering, Tapestry

Marketing Data Foundation Starter Guide

Accelerate Your Data-Driven Marketing with a Marketing Data Foundation on Snowflake.

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