Amperity is a CDP unlike any other

A customer data platform for business and technical leaders

Amperity takes customer data from any source, in raw form, and deduplicates, unifies, and merges records to offer brands the most comprehensive and accurate view of their customers. Brands running on Snowflake can leverage the 360-degree view of the customer created by Amperity, including 80+ out-of-the-box attributes like Customer Lifetime Value, RFM, churn likelihood, next best action, and more, to accelerate their analytics, app development, and otherwise using data to serve their customers.

+ DATA FOUNDATION & CUSTOMER 360: Easily ingest customer data in any size or format; Unify records with machine learning, not rules; Build a customer 360 rich with insights & predictions;
+ ANALYTICS & PREDICTIVE MODELS: Direct access to a comprehensive view of the customer; Lightning-fast query engine built for scale; Business intelligence for customer insights
+ ACTIVATION & ORCHESTRATION: Out-of-the-box triggers and recurring campaigns; Build segments for any campaign and deliver audiences with a few clicks to email, social, search, and more; Out-of-the-box integrations with leading marketing tools; experimental design and measurement.

+ MARKETING: Marketing teams at leading global brands rely on Amperity to take control of customer experiences across the lifecycle, deliver personalized communications that drive ROI, and grow customer lifetime value.
+ ANALYTICS: Analytics leaders rely on Amperity for AI-powered insights into the “what” and “why” of customer behavior — all built on top of a stunningly comprehensive and accurate customer 360 foundation.
+ COMPLIANCE: Compliance teams use Amperity to keep their most valuable asset safe and secure at every stage of use.


About the Partner:

Amperity helps brands get to know their customers, make strategic decisions, and take the right actions to deliver better customer experiences and strong business outcomes. We’re a customer data platform that provides intelligent capabilities across data management and unification, analytics and insights, and activation.

The company serves many of the world’s most-loved brands, including Patagonia, Alaska Airlines, Lucky Brand, Crocs, J. Crew, Brooks Running, Seattle Sounders FC, and many more.