Introducing Polaris Catalog

An open source catalog for Apache Iceberg

The Snowflake Platform

A single, fully managed platform that powers the AI Data Cloud. Snowflake securely connects businesses globally across any type or scale of data to productize AI, applications and more in the enterprise.

Flexible Architecture No Data Silos

Interoperable Storage

Elastic Compute

Cortex AI

Cloud Services


Optimized Storage

Un-siloed Access to Your Data

Unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data together with near-infinite scale.

Easily Manage Data At-Scale

Fast and efficient access, optimized compression, and secure data - all automated.

Flexibility & Interoperability

Work with data on-premises or in open table formats to remove lock-in and adapt to any architectural pattern.

Abstract data image

Elastic Compute

One Engine for Every Workload

Power streaming pipelines, analytics, AI, interactive apps, and more through a single engine with flexible compute options including GPUs.

Leading Performance & Concurrency

Fast, reliable performance for virtually all users and jobs with no tuning or contention, delivered through isolated compute.

Familiar Languages

Work in SQL, Python, or Java. Run your preferred libraries with Snowpark. All without moving data.

Flexible Development

Use native development interfaces, bring your own IDE, or leverage popular third-party tools. 

Cortex AI

Serverless LLMs

Run natural language processing or generate custom summaries at scale using top-tier LLMs such as Snowflake Arctic, Mistral Large, Llama 3 and more.

Chat with Data Services

Deliver data to business teams via conversational interfaces using services for structured analytical tables and unstructured data such as documents.

Cloud Services

Fully Managed Service

Automate costly and complex operations to reduce overheard and improve efficiency. Transparent performance enhancements automatically applied via releases.

Unified, Built-In Governance

Snowflake Horizon delivers unified compliance, security, privacy, interoperability, and access capabilities, without additional configurations or protocols.


Cross-Cloud Collaboration

Instantly discover, access, and share data, services, and apps globally, without ETL.

Cross-Cloud Governance

Snowflake Horizon universally enforces policies across regions, clouds, users, and workloads to minimize risk while maximizing value.

Cross-Cloud Business Continuity

Benefit from leading resiliency to eliminate disruptions, comply with changing regulations or locality controls, or migrate between clouds.

Go From Endless Silos To Unified Data

Silos lead to complexity and moving data to get value. Switch to a single platform to access all data, including data that’s unstructured, in open formats, and from third-parties.

Go From Hidden Costs To Superior TCO

When you have multiple services, costs can add up and it can become hard to understand total operating costs especially if the underlying infrastructure is billed separately or if they require manual expertise to manage and optimize. Switch to a fully managed service to efficiently support users and workloads at scale, while reducing time, effort, and expertise required to operate.

Go From Piecemeal Policies To Universal Governance

Inconsistent governance policies across systems and users can introduce security risk to your data. Switch to a single governance model with comprehensive compliance, security, and privacy controls that are universally enforced.

Snowflake Horizon diagram

Leading Companies Mobilizetheir Data with Snowflake




KFC’s data sharing processes changed from taking days to being completed in just seconds. This allows access to more data faster and allows us to achieve greater insights and enhance our advanced analytics capabilities.”

Luis Bastos

Data Architect, KFC


Fewer database operational costs


Order transactions processed daily

The Snowflake Data Cloud has given us the power to harness and integrate data to create insights. With data at our fingertips, we are growing revenue, becoming more cost effective and, most importantly, improving the customer experience.”

Andy Markus

Chief Data Officer, AT&T


Savings on estimated annual costs, thanks to results caching


Second to answer 90% of user queries via self-service dashboards

AT&T logo

By separating compute and storage layers, we’ve been able to scale easily.  In the past, we had to run a series of optimizations on our on-premises systems to re-size clusters and reduce storage requirements. With Snowflake, it just works.” 

Daniel Tavares

Data Platform Engineering Lead, Bumble


Users without impact on query performance


Internal products with one source of truth in Snowflake

Bring Workloadsto the Data

Bring more workloads, users, and use cases directly to your data, and connect with the most relevant content all within the Data Cloud.

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