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Transactional data lake architecture pattern for unified analytics, AI/ML, and other collaborative workloads.

Snowflake Iceberg Tables

Build an Open Data Lakehouse on Snowflake With Iceberg Tables

Ease of Use

A fully managed service to handle upgrades, storage maintenance, provisioning, and a host of other automated services so you don’t have to—no knobs to turn, nothing to tweak.

Fast, Cost-effective Performance

Near-instant, elastic scaling to support massive data volumes and concurrent users with Python, SQL, Java, and Scala. Continuous cost improvements and predictability with built-in optimizations.

Globally Connected

Access data across public clouds and regions securely with one consistent experience.

Fine-grained Governance

Gain a holistic understanding of data sensitivity, usage, relationships, and protect it with fine-grained access controls.

Snowflake for Data Lakehouse Architecture Diagram


Ensure flexibility in handling diverse data types by storing structured and semi-structured data within a single repository.

  • Skip the hassles of securing, backing up and optimizing data files by using Snowflake-managed storage and formats with efficient compression, automatic micro-partitioning, encryption, versioning, time travel and fail-safe.
  • Iceberg Tables (public preview) create an open lakehouse in your cloud storage with the leading standard for open table formats, Apache Iceberg™.

  • No upfront ingest costs for onboarding existing Apache Iceberg™ datasets to Snowflake.


For both Snowflake-managed and external data lake storage, know and protect your data with Snowflake’s breadth of native data governance capabilities.

  • Detect and identify sensitive and PII data with Classification
  • Monitor sensitive data for compliance, discovery, protection, and resource usage with Object Tagging

  • Enforce column-level security with Dynamic Data Masking and External Tokenization

  • Automate masking policy enforcement with tag-based masking

  • Enforce row-level security with Row Access Policies

  • Use built-in, ready-to-query views to perform regulatory compliance, auditing, understand lineage, usage patterns, and relationships

Secure Collaboration on Snowflake

Secure Collaboration

Directly access curated and modeled data from other internal business units, external organizations, and from over 2,000 ready-to-query datasets on the marketplace (as of July 31, 2023).

  • Easily access and distribute data and applications across business units, partners, and customers, even if they aren't on Snowflake.
  • Grant revocable access to live Iceberg and Snowflake data sets, data services, and applications that remain in place.


Power highly concurrent workloads without resource contention.

  • Near-zero performance tradeoff between Snowflake-managed Iceberg Tables and ingested Snowflake-format tables

  • Consumption-based pricing ensures you’re only charged for what you use

  • Automatic scaling of compute resources based on workload requirements

  • Compute isolation minimizes resource contention

  • Budgets (public preview) and Resource Monitors to monitor and control spend

  • Ongoing performance improvements and cost optimization means your price for performance only gets better

Compute interoperability


Easily build powerful, polyglot pipelines on Snowflake with the option to integrate with external engines.

  • Use Snowpark to code in Python, Scala, and Java with the simplicity and security of running from a single, multi-cluster compute engine.

  • Retain flexibility to connect an external engine at no cost.

Iceberg Tables

Iceberg Tables

Iceberg Tables, in private preview, bring the easy management and great performance of Snowflake to data stored externally in the open source Apache Iceberg™ format without requiring upfront ingest cost.

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