Snowflake for Applications

Develop, distribute and scale applications without the operational burden.

Build Faster With a Unified Platform for Your Application

Streamline your architecture to ship features—from embedded analytics to generative AI—faster.

Distribute Globally, Deliver Securely

Offer your full-stack applications to Snowflake’s thousands of customers through Snowflake Marketplace or private listings.

Scale With Ease

Reduce operational burden with a fully managed service, and respond to demand while protecting your margins with automatic scaling and per-second pricing.

How It Works

Scale Seamlessly With Elastic Multi-Cluster Compute

Automatically scale without contention or performance issues, and isolate resources to ensure non-disruptive development. With per-second consumption pricing, you can avoid over-provisioning.

Elastic Multicluster Compute with Snowflake
Fully managed services on Snowflake

Reduce SRE and DevOps Burden With a Fully Managed Service

Snowflake’s fully managed service provides always-on availability, as well as automations—including replication, tuning and encryption—across clouds and regions.

Securely Manage and Deploy Containers in Snowflake

Build in any programming language, then execute using configurable hardware like GPUs with Snowpark Container Services (in public preview in select regions).  

Whether you’re running LLMs or hosting UIs or APIs, deploy without complexity via an integrated image registry.

Securely Mange and Deploy Containers in Snowflake
Snowflake Hybrid Tables

Use Analytical and Transactional Data Together

With Hybrid Tables (in public preview in select AWS regions), you can run sub-second point operations alongside your analytical queries—all within Snowflake—which reduces the need to operate and sync multiple databases.

Distribute and Monetize Full-Stack Apps Across the Data Cloud

With the Snowflake Native App Framework (in GA soon on AWS; public preview soon on Azure), you can build full-stack apps, then distribute and monetize them to thousands of Snowflake customers via Snowflake Marketplace. 

Since Snowflake Native Apps run in your customer’s Snowflake account, customers don’t need to move their data—and you can improve your margins.

Distribute and Monetize Apps

Build, Market and Operate With the Powered by Snowflake Program

With the Powered by Snowflake Program, you'll unlock access to technical experts, go-to-market benefits and partner support to help grow your business.

Leading Applications ArePowered by Snowflake

“With this reduced latency, our customers have the ability to run hundreds of different scenarios in a very short time. Previously what would have taken our customers many days—if not weeks—to construct, is now possible in a matter of minutes.”


Faster processing speed in proof of concept


Less cost in proof of concept

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Adobe Campaign Delivers More Personalized Experiences With Hybrid Tables

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Lacework Scales Insights From 60+ Petabytes of Data With Snowflake

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