Introducing Polaris Catalog

An open source catalog for Apache Iceberg



Unified platform for secure development and deployment of LLMs and ML models.

Example of an LLM and ML chatbot deployed on Snowflake


Streamline development to deployment lifecycle with LLMs and ML models that run next to your governed data.


Enable a broad range of teams to use AI with fully managed infrastructure and services accessible via no-code, SQL, Python and REST API interfaces.


Protect the value of your data and models with industry-leading security and unified governance trusted by thousands of organizations.

How It Works

Summarize, classify and run other NLP tasks in batch using LLMs

Efficiently process data at scale using cutting-edge models in Snowflake Cortex AI. Using serverless SQL and Python functions, it is easy to process data using fine-tuned models or foundation models such as Snowflake Arctic, Meta Llama 3, Mistral Large, Reka Core and more.

Snowflake Notebook with Copilot
Use managed LLMs in Snowflake

Talk to your enterprise data using Cortex AI chat services

Get answers from analytical tables such as sales transactions without writing any SQL with Cortex Analyst (public preview coming soon) text-to-answer service. Quickly find answers hidden among a large set of documents using Cortex Search (public preview coming soon) fully managed hybrid search and retrieval service.

Streamline end-to-end machine learning workflows with Snowflake ML

Run distributed feature engineering and custom model training using popular python libraries. Manage features and models at scale with Snowflake Feature Store (public preview) and Model Registry. Democratize predictive model development by using SQL functions that abstract complexity of ML algorithms.

Snowflake ML Notebook screenshot

Leaders Bring AI to Their DataWith Snowflake

“At Zoom Communications, our mission is to be one platform delivering limitless human connections. To accomplish this, we want to empower every team member to safely use AI to better serve our customers. Using Snowflake’s easy-to-use and secure platform for generative AI and machine learning, we continue to democratize AI to efficiently turn data into better customer experiences.”

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Eliminate SiloedDevelopment

Bring more workloads, users and use cases directly to your data—all within the AI Data Cloud.

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