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AI and ML

Accelerate your AI/ML workflows with fast data access and elastically scalable data processing for Python and SQL.



One Place to Instantly Access All Relevant Data

  • Reduce time looking for and requesting access to data, with a single point of access to a global network of trusted data. 
  • Bring nearly all types of data into your model without complex pipelines with native support for structured, semi-structured (JSON, Avro, ORC, Parquet, or XML), and unstructured data.
  • Augment model performance with shared data sets from your business ecosystem and third-party data from Snowflake Marketplace.

Fast Processing Engine with Minimal Operational Complexity

  • Transform data into ML-powered insights using your language of choice with Snowpark.
  • Speed up Python-based workflows with pre-installed open source libraries and seamless dependency management via Anaconda integration.
  • Scale processing to any amount of data or users with Snowflake’s elastic and performant multi-cluster compute architecture. 

Single Platform to Unify Teams and Tools Around Data

  • Develop from your notebook or IDE of choice and securely process at scale using Snowpark ML APIs (public preview)
  • Run scalable and secure ML inference with models running inside Snowflake as UDFs, or communicating with a secure model end-point with External Functions.
  • Effortlessly make model results available in Snowflake for teams and applications to easily consume and act on ML-driven insights.

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