Zoom Builds Enterprise AI Applications with Snowflake Cortex

After building an enterprise data foundation on Snowflake, Zoom now uses Cortex AI to develop generative AI tools that help increase productivity, reduce costs and improve decision-making enterprise-wide.

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Story Highlights
  • A trustworthy data foundation: With governance, privacy and security baked into the Snowflake platform, Zoom can have peace of mind while innovating faster with advanced analytics, ML and AI. 
  • Lower TCO and higher productivity: Since Snowflake allows Zoom to bring its workloads to the data and provides in-product diagnostic tools, Zoom can scale cost-effectively.
  • More accessible insights for faster decision-making: Snowflake Cortex AI empowers Zoom to build internal tools like a gen AI chatbot so its customer-facing teams can query data quickly using natural language. 

Video Transcript

At Zoom. Our mission is to be the one platform delivering limitless human connections. 

So, as you know, Zoom had a very unprecedented growth. We also became a household name, from our neighborhoods to our schools to the colleges to all the way Fortune 500 and 1000 companies are using it. 

Early on in our data journey, we we had to make a platform bet and we made a decision to lean on Snowflake platform 

So we got the foundations right first and then we built next step was to build advanced analytics, machine learning, etc. and more recently we are enabling into gen AI and augmenting our machine learning capability with gen AI for the outcomes that was previously not possible

With the speed and security of Snowflake's AI Data Cloud. It becomes easy for us to build enterprise grade AI applications for everybody at Zoom. 

A lot of these business stakeholders that are coming to data scientist and analyst to get insights on their customers, get insights from the data 

And so that creates a little bit of friction where you don't have the right data at the right time for making decisions faster.

With Snowflake’s, Cortex, and Streamlit, I was able to bring in, pre-trained large language model to our data and be able to create the proof of concept within days, where now you can chat with your data in natural language 

I'm an account executive at Zoom.  My role is to help companies understand their communications and collaboration goals 

So in the past, getting inside of my accounts was very tough. I'm now able to ask it a prompt and it'll give me insights, which is actually backed by actual data that I can then use to discuss with my customer.

When we're building enterprise applications, it's super important to focus on two things. One is the governance right. Data governance, who has access to what information? And the second part is data security. When you're dealing with a lot of customer data, you want to make sure that it's protected. It's well governed. And that is what Snowflake AI Data Cloud enables us to do. 

So we can rely and comfortably start using things like Cortex, which enables you to build complex applications that have gen AI capabilities within the same environment. So that's amazing. Like, it gives us a peace of mind.

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