The Tableau Template for NetSuite is a great way to hit the ground running with actionable data. In just a few minutes, start analyzing NetSuite data using a library of pre-built dashboards. Build on Fivetran schemas loaded into your Snowflake warehouse, use the existing workbooks as is, or customize them to your specific needs.

Finally, analyzing NetSuite data is easy.

In-tool reporting with NetSuite is limited, and its API notoriously complicated. Remove the obstacles with automated data connectors and plug-and-play templates for analytics.

Ready-to-Use Data Connectors

After a five-minute setup, Fivetran starts replicating NetSuite data into your Snowflake warehouse. Focus on insights instead of cumbersome data engineering.

Templates for Business Intelligence

Get started even faster with pre-built financial dashboards. Our analytics templates for Tableau are built with expertly designed schemas, so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.

Advanced Real-Time Forecasting

Because Fivetran connectors continually sync data to Snowflake, you can regenerate reports with just one click. Easily sync data from other sources, like your CRM or HR tool, for reports that join data with NetSuite.

Customer Quote:

“We recently switched to Fivetran to connect NetSuite data to our data warehouse. We were missing some fields with our old connector and so we were quite excited when Fivetran provided a complete set of NetSuite data with all the transactions. This was critical in our decision to switch to Fivetran. Furthermore, modeling the balance sheet is a very complex challenge. We reached out to Fivetran for assistance and they provided a SQL script that produced the balance sheet and proved to be a huge value-add. I am very pleased with the NetSuite data analytics templates provided by Fivetran and I would recommend them to any company that needs to connect create income statements and balance sheets with NetSuite data.” – Israel Weeks, Data Analyst, Finance, GitLab

– Israel Weeks, Data Analyst, Finance, GitLab


  • Sign up for Snowflake.
  • Connect to Fivetran via Snowflake Partner Connect.
  • Add the NetSuite Suite Analytics connector to Fivetran.
  • Wait for Historical Sync to complete. Make sure the following tables are included:
    • accounts
    • accounting_periods
    • accounting_books
    • consolidated_exchange_rates
    • currencies
    • customers
    • departments
    • expense_accounts
    • Income_accounts
    • Items
    • locations
    • partners
    • transaction_lines
    • transactions
    • subsidiaries
    • vendors
    • vendor_types
  • Sign up for Tableau Online.
  • Download the Tableau workbook from the Fivetran public Github report.
  • Open the Tableau workbook using a text editor and update the named-connection node with your Snowflake credential details. Be sure that the caption, dbname, schema, server, service (role), username and warehouse are updated.
  • Save and close the file, then open the workbook with Tableau.
  • Enter your Snowflake username and password and sign in.
  • Now, start analyzing your data! The dashboards will populate with your NetSuite data.