Learn how Accenture and the Snowflake Data Cloud are partnering together.  

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Why a Solid Data Foundation Is the Key to Successful Gen AI

Authors: Tom Stuermer, Global Sr. Managing Director Data & AI, Accenture and Baris Gultekin, Head of Product Management, Snowflake AI
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Together, we empower the C-suite to discover untapped value within their data, harnessing the power of AI unlocking unparalleled value and revealing insights previously unimagined. With industry-led expertise spanning over 25 sectors and a profound understanding of emerging trends, we bring unmatched knowledge to the table. Our data cloud focused solutions enable clients to seamlessly select and integrate services that align with their unique needs, including data migration, data platform modernization, scaled AI, and ML.  

Accenture + Snowflake are your partners in navigating the data-driven future, bringing together unparalleled industry knowledge, cutting-edge data solutions, and a commitment to your organization's success. Let us work together to unlock your data's full potential and achieve results through focus areas such as: moving into modern day platforms with ease, data centric collaboration with industry specific solutions, trust and transparency of data and investment in digital transformation with benefits of Gen AI.

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Driving Change with Data & AI

Accenture's Perspective on Notable Trends in Manufacturing

In this “Data Cloud Now” interview, Accenture's ASG Data & AI Delivery Lead Nikhil Rajagopalan shares his thoughts about the notable trends in manufacturing that he’s seeing as he wanders the show floor at Hannover Messe in Germany.

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Accenture & Snowflake: Leveraging Data & AI to Drive MFG Success

In this webinar, we explore the critical role of Data & AI in the manufacturing industry in driving business transformation. Discover how Snowflake and Accenture can enable you to build and scale a modern, collaborative manufacturing analytics platform to make timely, data-driven decisions.

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Accenture Accelerates SAP HANA to Snowflake Transformation for Manufacturing

MiDAS is an Accenture proprietary SAP HANA to Snowflake’s migration automation suite, offering the ability to code convert SAP HANA to Snowflake equivalent objects.

Snowflake native apps and the data cloud

Roundtable: Industry Leaders Discuss the Future of Customer Data in the Cloud

Join industry experts from Snowflake, Accenture, Seriously Digital, and Accordant Media part of Dentsu Aegis Network as they discuss the importance of extremely performant and high-quality data to hone their competitive edge.

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Accenture: ai.RETAIL—Supercharge Customer Centricity and Growth With an AI-Driven Data Decision Suite

Snowflake and Accenture are leading partners in driving impact through changing consumer behaviors, market trends and competitive dynamics. Learn how ai.RETAIL can help by combining data strategy, artificial intelligence and GENAI to get actionable business insights.

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Retail & Consumer Goods Data & AI Trends in 2024

Hear from Accenture and Snowflake industry leaders, Rosemary DeAragon, Global Industry GTM Lead - Retail & CPG at Snowflake and Jill Standish, Global Retail Lead at Accenture for a deep dive into how retail and consumer goods organizations are harnessing Gen AI to revolutionize customer experiences and drive operational efficiencies.

FSI Accelerate Banking: How to Build Data-Driven Services and Transform Your Customer Experience

Learn how Accenture is leveraging Snowflake’s data sharing, data science, and native application capabilities to bring faster, more relevant insights directly to their customers. And hear from banking executives on what is top of mind, the key technology and business challenges they’re looking to solve, and how Snowflake is enabling business-critical use cases.

How Networks Can Understand Customer Experience and Improve Their NPS and User Retention With Umlaut

Telecom service providers require improvements in customer experience in order to increase profitability. They face challenges in measuring, managing, and predicting customer experience from the right channels and customer journeys, and need to be able to balance NPS enhancements & ROI with frictionless customer management. In this session Umlaut will present end user experience data and how it can help the providers improve their customer experience and profitability.

Optimize Your Customer Experience With Network Insights from Umlaut

Umlaut leverages Snowflake for sharing insights based on its own crowdsourced network performance data and third-party data available in Snowflake marketplace, which brings in a robust and secure industry standard mechanism for sharing data and insights.

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How Snowflake Is Modernising Data Foundations

Manisha Tank hosts Jon Robertson, President, APJ at Snowflake, and Duncan Eadie, Cloud Infrastructure and Engineering Lead at Accenture, APAC and LATAM. Learn why a robust data strategy is fundamental for any AI initiative and how a modern data platform enables data democratization, scalability, and security.

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