Snowflake on Microsoft Azure can power all your workloads—from data warehousing to AI, machine learning, applications, and everything in between—simplifying data proliferation and collaboration across your most critical use cases. 


With a multitude of integrations to industry-leading Microsoft cloud products like Azure OpenAI, Azure ML, Power BI, Power Apps and more, Snowflake’s Data Cloud is easy to use, fast and frictionless to deploy, and feature-rich to empower your data-driven organization.


Microsoft Azure OpenAI

Microsoft Azure ML

Microsoft Power BI

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Graphic showing Snowflake, Azure OpenAI, and Streamlit being used together to implement generative AI

Implementing Generative AI in Snowflake with Azure OpenAI using Streamlit

Did you know that you can implement Generative AI in Snowflake with Azure OpenAI? This blog covers how Azure OpenAI provides a new way to interact with the data in Snowflake.

Driving Change with Data & AI

Learn How to Use Generative AI With Snowflake and Microsoft Azure Open AI

Join this virtual hands on lab where partner engineers from Microsoft and Snowflake will introduce the common business cases for using Generative AI and discuss the common patterns for using Snowflake with Azure Open AI to generate insights from your data in Snowflake.

Driving Change with Data & AI

Getting Started with Azure OpenAI and Snowflake

In this quickstart you will learn how to build an architecture that demonstrates how to use Azure OpenAI with an AzureML Prompt Flow, AzureML Notebooks, Snowflake and the Snowflake + AzureML Connector to quickly generate results.

Snowpark logo

Using AzureML with Snowflake Snowpark for Machine Learning

Snowpark and AzureML can efficiently be used to prepare data, train models and deploy a model for inference all while leveraging the rich features of both platforms. This blog explores how to work with Snowpark in conjunction with AzureML.  

Snowpark and Microsoft Azure

Scale and Operationalize AI with Snowflake and Azure ML

Join ML experts from Snowflake and Microsoft to:

  • Break down Snowflake platform components, including Snowpark, to help you think about your data and feature pipeline architecture

  • Get deep insight into updates on integrations that streamline how you bring features into your models using Azure Machine Learning

  • Learn how to use the joint solution through a walk through demo

Snowflake and Microsoft Azure Quickstart guide

Getting Started with Snowpark for Machine Learning on Azure ML

This quickstart is designed to serve as an introduction to using AzureML with Snowpark for model development and deployment to Snowflake. The idea is that users can build off this quickstart or integrate components into their existing AzureML workloads.

Snowflake and Microsoft Power BI logos

Snowflake and Power BI: Best Practices and Recent Improvements

This blog summarizes recent improvements and best practices for using Snowflake and Power BI together. In it, you will learn why Power BI remains one of the most popular business intelligence partner tools that Snowflake customers use to visualize, analyze and report on their most important business data - all while keeping that data inside Snowflake.

Cover for Webinar titled "Retail Sales with Microsoft Power BI"

Retail Sales with Microsoft Power BI

Learn how to make data-driven decisions that optimize operations, enhance customer experiences, and drive profitability.

Microsoft Power BI and Snowflake Quickstart screenshot

Quickstart: Attaining Consumer Insights With Snowflake and Microsoft Power BI

In this lab, you'll learn how to access all relevant data from a single source and turn data into insights through the Microsoft PowerBI integration.

Access first party data seamlessly in Snowflake Leverage the Data Marketplace to query live POS data from 3rd party providers Set up self-serve analytics via Power BI.

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Snowflake Connector for Microsoft Power Platform Now Available

The Snowflake Connector for Microsoft Power Platform provides instant access to up-to-date data within your Snowflake instance without manually integrating against API endpoints. Now anyone can easily build low-code applications or workflows on Power Platform that leverage Snowflake data without any previous technical or app development experience.  

Screenshot of Power Apps and Snowflake

Getting Started with Power Apps and Snowflake

This quickstart will teach you how to configure a connection between Power Automate and Snowflake and run a simple query from Power Automate to query Snowflake data.  

Snowflake Partner Network

Deliver more meaningful data insights with a robust array of tools and partners who will help make the most of your Snowflake investment.