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Data is key to unlocking your competitive advantage. To make the most of your data, you’ll need to ensure it’s accessible and compliant to take action and drive new innovations. Snowflake and Amazon Web Services (AWS) can help your entire organization efficiently transform, share and analyze data and with industry-specific solutions to further accelerate your business outcomes. 

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Snowflake and AWS Significantly Deepen Commitment to Driving Customer-Focused Innovation

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Snowflake Awarded AWS Global ISV Data and Analytics Partner of the Year 2023

Snowflake is honored to be selected as the Global ISV Data and Analytics Partner of the Year by AWS. This accolade is a testament of our joint capabilities enabling customers to fuel their generative AI strategies, create robust ML models, deepen analytics insights, and develop data-intensive applications - all on one unified, secure platform.


Accelerate Your AI/ML Workloads

Build Snowflake Native Apps

Leverage Industry-Specific Solutions

Develop Reliable Streaming Pipelines

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EDF Builds an Intelligent Customer Engine on the Snowflake Data Cloud

With the Snowflake Data Cloud and AWS, EDF has built a customer intelligence platform to help its customers save energy and money, ultimately helping Britain achieve that Net Zero benchmark. By using Snowpark, EDF can transform large processes with billions of rows of data and have its data science team run ML models directly where the data sits.

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A Data-Centric Approach to Machine Learning Using Snowflake Snowpark and Amazon SageMaker

Join this virtual hands on lab where partner engineers from AWS and Snowflake discuss and demonstrate the common patterns for preparing training data, building models and deploying those models using Amazon SageMaker and Snowpark.

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Use Snowflake as a Data Source to Train ML Models with Amazon SageMaker

In this article, learn how data scientists and developers can use Snowflake as a data source with Amazon SageMaker, to quickly and easily build and train ML models, and then directly deploy them into a production-ready hosted environment.

Snowflake native apps and the data cloud

Snowflake Native Apps

From development to distribution, build your app and your business entirely natively in the Data Cloud on AWS. Here you’ll find all you need to know. 

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Snowflake Native App Framework Now Available to Developers on AWS

As a developer, you can build and test Snowflake Native Apps in your accounts on AWS today.

Deploy your first native app

Build and Deploy Your First Snowflake Native App

Join this lab for a step-by-step guide to build your first Snowflake Native App on AWS. 


Mobilize Data From Industrial Assets at Scale

Snowflake, AWS and HighByte have developed a joint solution that enables manufacturers to mobilize their large number of datasets that reside across an ever growing number of locations to enable comprehensive analytics. 


The Data and Power to Deliver Data-Driven Policies

Snowflake on AWS, governments and educational institutions can unify data silos into a single source of truth on a single platform, and deliver seamless, secure, and governed data sharing to drive collaboration for increased efficiencies, complete citizen 360, and new ways to deliver impact not possible without insights derived from shared data.

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Goldman Sachs Integrates Legend Platform With Snowflake and AWS

At Goldman Sachs, the Legend data platform and Snowflake Native Apps Framework on AWS are not just helping teams understand all that data, but also transform it, govern it, share it, and model it—improving timely, data-driven insights and collaborative decision making. Using Amazon SageMaker with Snowflake creates a near real-time solution in predicting avoidable truck rolls to enable call center agents to make data-driven decisions based on ML prediction.

Building Data-Intensive Applications With Real-Time Data Streaming

Join this virtual hands-on lab to learn how to create data applications using real-time data streaming with Snowpipe Streaming and Amazon Managed Streaming for Apache Kafka (MSK).

Snowflake Batch and Real-Time Data Pipelines

No more separation of streaming and batch pipelines. Learn how you can unify ingestion and transform your streaming data pipelines in one single system.

The Modern Data Streaming Pipeline

The Modern Data Streaming Pipeline

Check out the top analytical streaming reference architectures and use cases across 7 industries used by customers to enhance their streaming data pipelines and analytics.


AWS Dev Day: Learn the Latest Integrations with Snowflake and AWS for Data Lake Architecture, Streaming Data Pipelines, and Generative AI

Explore the latest integrations between Snowflake and AWS for building streaming data pipelines, customizing and deploying large language models (LLMs), and modernizing a data lake at AWS Dev Day. Developers of all experience levels will gain practical experience integrating Snowflake with Amazon Data Firehose, Amazon Bedrock, and AWS Glue to run data engineering and AI/ML workloads more efficiently.

Snowflake Partner Network

Deliver more meaningful data insights with a robust array of tools and partners who will help make the most of your Snowflake investment.