Unlock Advanced Analytics with ERP Data in the Cloud

Save on costs, enable better visibility on spend and provide more flexibility and capacity to analytics, AI and ML ecosystems by moving analytics workloads from ERP systems to Snowflake.

Increase Enterprise Visibility

Consolidate data from all ERP sources, creating a foundation for future business growth. Supplement internal data with data from industry collaborators and Snowflake Marketplace.

Integrate All Data to Power Smart Manufacturing

Integrate enterprise (IT) with shop floor (OT) data to enable smart manufacturing initiatives using AI & ML in Snowpark.

Deliver Value Faster

Snowflake’s Data Cloud is a managed service with true elastic scale. With support of multiple open programming languages, Snowflake can empower more people to work with data.

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Siemens had one of the world’s biggest on-premises SAP HANA data lakes. It was difficult to scale and struggled to support a mix of structured and unstructured data. We migrated these workloads from on-premises infrastructure to the cloud with Snowflake, taking advantage of the additional benefits to more effectively serve our partners. Snowflake was also able to meet our high cybersecurity requirements and optimize the operational costs.

Christian Meyer
Head of Data & AI Ops, Siemens AG

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On April 18, join our customers and partners in sessions and demos highlighting use cases in manufacturing for supply chain, AI, and smart manufacturing.

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