Improve Supply Chain Performance

Enable seamless data sharing and collaboration with partners for downstream and upstream visibility across the entire supply chain, seamlessly integrating your own data with data from third-party partners and from Snowflake Marketplace.

Enable Cross-Cloud Data Sharing & Collaboration

Enhance supply chain visibility through collaboration with data and application with key partners, improving capacity and inventory planning with seamless and secure cross-cloud data sharing.

Reduce Supply Chain Disruptions

Reduce risk with access to third party data to stay in front of supply chain impacts from commodity costs, geopolitical unrest, and shifts in supply and demand.

Enable Better-Informed Decisions

Enrich demand forecasts with consumer insights and global and local economic statistics with access to secure, governed third-party data sets.

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Snowflake has given us the transparency we needed across our supply chain and factory floors to manage issues around suppliers and inflation and make the data-driven decisions needed to grow our business in spite of these macroeconomic headwinds.

Sheila Jordan
Chief Digital Technology Officer, Honeywell

Build Resilience in Your Manufacturing Supply Chain with Data

Today, manufacturing organizations find challenges in every link of the supply chain: making the right planning and sourcing decisions, managing inventory, handling logistics, fulfilling orders promptly, dealing with pricing fluctuations, and hiring and retaining workers. There are three ways data can increase resilience in your supply chain. Read now to learn more.

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