Power Smart Manufacturing & Industry 4.0

With Snowflake, manufacturers can use data to gain insight into throughput and critical processes. Power IoT innovation with sensor and device data analysis, increase supply chain efficiency, and improve the quality and speed of production.

Seamlessly Integrate IT and OT Data

Optimize production processes and increase operational efficiency with data analytics and insights in one place. Find out how Valmet optimized its manufacturing process powered by the Snowflake Data Cloud. 

Bring AI/ML to All Manufacturing Data

Leverage a robust data platform to implement AI & ML capabilities in manufacturing and engineering processes.

Unlock Data Sharing & Collaboration

Enable collaboration with customers, partners and suppliers with secure data sharing.

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We increased the number of mattresses we build each day and focus on improving that yield, thanks to the clarity of data. Snowflake helps us quickly pinpoint any irregularities. If we can’t ship on time, we’ll get negative reviews no matter how great our products are. Snowflake helps us improve in this area, making our customers happy and giving us a competitive edge.

Scott Clark
Head of Analytics, Purple

Manufacturing Data & AI Trends in 2024

In this webinar, hear from a panel of Snowflake industry experts in manufacturing, Industry 4.0, and supply chain. They will break down manufacturing trends to be on the lookout for in 2024.

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