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On Demand Series:

Redefining Health Data Collaboration with Snowflake

Tune into our three-part webinar series to learn how industry innovators are leveraging Snowflake to harness the power of analytics and data collaboration and deliver better outcomes for patients.



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Accelerating Discovery & Development

Expediting Drug Delivery with Snowflake

Explore how Novartis is using the Healthcare & Life Sciences Data Cloud to accelerate the delivery of new medicines.

Improving Outcomes with Real-World Evidence

Learn how Bayer is driving better patient care using real-world insights with IQVIA and Snowflake.

Modernizing Manufacturing and Supply Chain

Learn how to improve Supply Chain visibility with data collaboration across customers, partners and key suppliers.

Improving Outcome-Based Care

Building a Holistic Patient 360

Learn how customers such as Spectrum Health are creating a true 360-degree view of patients for better care outcomes and proactive services for at-risk populations.

Enabling Cost-Effective Preventive Care

Explore Prisma Health's approach to delivering preventive care and driving down costs with data sourced from the Healthcare & Life Sciences Data Cloud.

Enhancing Telehealth Services

Discover how Firefly Health’s digital care platform empowers clinicians and patients to engage virtually with help from Snowflake.

Optimizing Operational Efficiency

Driving Commercial Effectiveness

Explore how customers such as Pfizer and Novartis build modern commercial data strategies with Snowflake.

Improving Crisis Management

Learn how the COVID Research Database and DataSF have mobilized their open data initiatives to drive public health efforts against COVID-19.

Enabling Digital Transformation

Discover how Anthem’s Enterprise Data and Analytics team is driving the use of data as a strategic asset across the organization in support of its efforts to become a digital-first and insights-driven organization.


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