Care Delivery

Break down data silos and provide the data and insights needed to modernize care delivery and improve patient outcomes. Coordinate care with healthcare organizations across the ecosystem while retaining control of sensitive, regulated data with Snowflake’s privacy-enabling collaboration capabilities.

Partner for Care

Secure data sharing gives organizations tools to retain control of their sensitive, regulated data at scale. Participants in the entire healthcare ecosystem can now collaborate seamlessly for improved care delivery.

Manage Population Health

Discover extensive third party data and data services that are ready to use on the Snowflake Marketplace to better understand social determinants of health and care for populations.

Improve Health Outcomes

Enable predictive analytics using powerful AI / ML workloads to analyze historical data and identify high risk patients, anticipate disease progression, and target interventions accordingly.

Middle Aged Engineer and Young Asian Scientist Collaborate on a New Type of Electric Turbine Engine, Standing and Using a Tablet Computers in Scientific Technology Laboratory.

CCMCN’s Honeycomb Data Network built on Snowflake creates a significant opportunity to help organizations participate in community programs, share data while staying in control, access external data, and get access to actionable information much faster than historically possible.

Jason Greer
CEO, Colorado Community Managed Care Network

Delivering Value-Based Care with Snowflake’s Data Cloud

See how Priority Health delivers value-based care with Snowflake’s Healthcare and Life Sciences Data Cloud.
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