Patient and Member 360

Combine multiple sources of data to generate a holistic patient and member view to personalize care.

Create a Holistic Patient and Member 360

With the ability to manage unstructured, semi-structured data together with near-infinite scale, Snowflake enables organizations to generate holistic, near real-time patient and member views across clinical, claims, consumer, and socio-economic data silos.

Deliver Personalized Care

Implement patient and member personalization across channels while maintaining trust and privacy controls with one all-encompassing data repository to identify personalized patterns, trends, and correlations at scale.

Transform Patient and Member Experiences

Enable AI-powered virtual assistants and chatbots with advanced AI / ML workloads to personalize patient and member experiences and reduce administrative burden on care teams.

A female doctor sits at her desk and chats to an elderly female patient while looking at her test results

Snowflake’s data cloud and solution to data storage, curation, and interoperability allows us to easily produce personalized insights that deliver on our mission of improving health, inspiring hope, and saving lives.

Chris Crook
CIO, Priority Health

Honeysuckle Health Builds a Powerful Cloud Infrastructure with Snowflake

Learn how Honeysuckle Health is building a data foundation for personalized care.

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