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Snowflake Native Apps

From development to distribution, build your app — as well as your business — natively in the AI Data Cloud.

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Snowflake Native Apps: Implementing Your Monetization Model and Pricing Strategy

Learn how to best implement your pricing and packaging strategy on Snowflake Marketplace.

Drive Revenue andDistribute Your Apps

With Snowflake Marketplace you can publish your app once, and deliver it to thousands of organizations in the Data Cloud, helping customers across clouds and regions easily find, try and buy your apps.

*Distribution capabilities are in General Available on AWS, Azure and GCP

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Snowflake Native App Bootcamp

Learn how the Snowflake Native App Framework enables you to build, market, monetize, and distribute apps to customers across the AI Data Cloud in this comprehensive 120 minute bootcamp.

Build Faster, Deploy More Easily, Operate Effortlessly

Avoid the complex costs that come from multiple services and the manual expertise required to optimize. Switch to a fully managed service to efficiently support users and workload while reducing time and effort.*

With Snowflake Native App Framework’s support for Snowpark Container Services,** you can bring sophisticated logic, AI/ML models and compute to your app, and boost your development time to value.

*Snowflake Native App Framework in general availability on AWS, Azure and GCP  

**In public preview on AWS



Snowflake Native App Developer Toolkit

Get immediate access to these exclusive app dev resources plus links to bootcamps, community forums and more.

Secured Data + Controlled Code = Accelerated Adoption

Since a Snowflake Native App runs in the customer's account, there is no need for customers to move or provide external access to their data. This results in happier security teams, reduced procurement hurdles and faster time to value for customers.

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