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Native Apps

From development to distribution, build your app and your business entirely natively in the Data Cloud.

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Snowflake Native Apps

Leverage the Snowflake Native App Framework to build an app, market, monetize, and distribute it to customers across the Data Cloud seamlessly and securely.

Public Preview on AWS. Private Preview on GCP and Azure. Complete this interest form for updates.


Benefits of the Snowflake

Native App Framework

Drive revenue and distribute your apps on Snowflake Marketplace

With Snowflake Marketplace, you can publish and offer your apps in the Data Cloud to thousands of organizations that can easily find, try, and buy your apps. Distribution capabilities are in Public Preview soon on AWS. PrPr on GCP and Azure. Learn more about how companies like MyDataOutlet drive revenue with Snowflake Native Apps.

Build faster, deploy more easily, operate effortlessly

The Snowflake Native App Framework provides the building blocks for app development, distribution, operation, and monetization all within Snowflake’s platform. In Public Preview on AWS. In Private Preview on GCP and Azure. Learn more about how DTCC developed their Snowflake Native App.

Secured data + secured IP = accelerated customer adoption

Snowflake Native Apps run in the customer's account, so there is no need for customers to move or provide external access to their data. This results in happier security teams, reduced procurement hurdles, and faster time-to-value for customers. Additionally, your intellectual property is protected because your app code remains private to end users.

In Public Preview on AWS. In Private Preview on GCP and Azure is available.


Programs to help you

grow in the Data Cloud

Take advantage of free Snowflake credits, architectural design consultation, community events, and co-marketing opportunities to build faster and reach more customers.

Build, market, and operate apps in the Snowflake Data Cloud. With the Powered by Snowflake program, you'll unlock access to technical experts, go-to-market benefits, and partner support to help grow your business.

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Native Apps