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The AI Data CloudExplained

The AI Data Cloud is a global network that connects organizations to the data and applications most critical to their business. The AI Data Cloud enables a wide range of possibilities, from breaking down silos within an organization to collaborating over content with partners and customers, and even integrating external data and applications for fresh insights.

Powering the AI Data Cloud is Snowflake’s single platform. Its unique architecture connects businesses globally, at practically any scale to bring data and workloads together. Together with the Snowflake Marketplace which simplifies the sharing, collaborating, and monetizing of thousands of datasets, services, and entire data applications - this creates the active and growing AI Data Cloud.

Single Platform

Snowflake’s platform eliminates data silos and simplifies architectures, so organizations can get more value from their data. The platform is designed as a single, unified product with automations that reduce complexity and help ensure everything “just works”.

To support a wide range of workloads, it’s optimized for performance at scale no matter whether someone’s working with SQL, Python, or other languages. And it’s globally connected so organizations can securely access the most relevant content across clouds and regions, with one consistent experience. 

The four architectural layers of Snowflake's platform

Optimized Storage

Brings unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data together at near-infinite scale.

Elastic, Multi-Cluster Compute

Scales up and down based on usage and scales out to support massive concurrent users, data volumes, and workloads, all with one engine.

Cloud Services

Keeps Snowflake self-managing, with automations that eliminate costly and complex resource investments.


Delivers a single, connected experience across regions and clouds globally to enable unified governance, business continuity, and both intra- and inter-org collaboration.

Bring All Workloads and

Use Cases to the Data

Instead of the historic pattern of data moving to different systems or teams, the AI Data Cloud enables organizations to bring all workloads directly to their data. Thus breaking down silos and fueling more powerful insights, quickly. 


Accelerate your AI and machine learning workflows with fast access and elastically scalable processing.


Develop and scale data-intensive applications without operational burden.


Protect your enterprise with near-unlimited visibility, unified data, and powerful analytics.


Discover, acquire, and monetize live data, services and apps in the AI Data Cloud.

Data Warehouse

Accelerate data analytics for users and queries with great price/performance ratio and reduced complexity.

Data Lake

Deploy flexible architectural patterns with governance and optimized storage at scale.


Delivers a modern approach to working with transactional and analytical data together.

Data Engineering

Build simple, reliable data pipelines at scale in the language of your choice.

Build Your Apps and Business in the Data Cloud

Snowflake is powering the future of application development. Snowflake’s platform provides the building blocks to build, test, and deploy data-intensive applications. Once operational, easily scale to support dynamic demand and ensure everything stays up and running even across clouds, without the SRE burden.  

The AI Data Cloud also helps organizations drive new revenue with the Snowflake Marketplace. Distribute and monetize Snowflake Native Apps to the entire AI Data Cloud network of thousands of organizations, and streamline monetization with customizable billing, in-platform purchasing, and fine-grained usage reports. Join the hundreds that are building and distributing modern applications with Snowflake.  

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