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With Snowflake’s Data Cloud, organizations can easily transform, integrate, and analyze their data. They can also securely share, acquire, or even monetize live, governed data, as well as build and operate their data applications.

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State Street

K-12’s platform for success is Powered by Snowflake

PowerSchool, the leading K-12 education platform, builds its product on Snowflake. In doing so, they’re able to scale seamlessly and provide real-time insights to school systems across the country.

Your CISO’s exposure management platform is Powered by Snowflake

With Tenable One and Snowflake, customers can easily centralize all vulnerability and threat data in one place to unlock a holistic view of their entire attack surface and glean actionable insights.

The world’s leading RPA platform is Powered by Snowflake

UIpath, a leading enterprise automation software company, built their web app for data modeling and analytics on Snowflake, allowing users to see a library of curated dashboard templates including business ROI, robots, processes and queues.

Power by snowflake - snyk

Devs’ favorite cybersecurity platform is Powered by Snowflake

Snyk is the developer-loved, security-trusted platform that helps secure code, dependencies, containers, and infrastructure as code. By building on Snowflake, Snyk was able to consolidate apps on their platform to a single data model, enabling their customers to have a holistic view of their security posture.

Your CISO’s cloud security app is Powered by Snowflake

By building on Snowflake, Lacework is able to take tens of billions of security data points and — through intelligent automation and a patented analytics engine — surface the handful of security events that matter most in a given day.

Power by snowflake - Alpha

The platform for institutional investors is Powered by Snowflake

The State Street Alpha Data Platform (ADP), radically simplifies data management for investment firms, wealth managers, and asset owners. By building on Snowflake, APD accelerates time to investment insights by providing frictionless access to data across the front, middle, and back offices.

Your go-to-grow eCommerce app is Powered by Snowflake, the leading provider of comprehensive eCommerce solutions, builds on Snowflake giving customers end-to-end insights of their eCommerce operations, all in one centralized location.

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