Introducing Polaris Catalog

An open source catalog for Apache Iceberg


Snowflake for Data Lakes

Deploy flexible architecture patterns with governed, interoperable storage at scale.

Gain Value From Your Data, All in One Platform

Seamlessly use unstructured, semi-structured and structured data together, whether it’s stored externally or in Snowflake’s optimized, managed storage.

Protect Your Data With Built-In Governance

Secure your data lake with detailed, out-of-the-box metadata, granular and consistent access controls, and telemetry to monitor ongoing usage.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership With a Fully Managed Service

Spend less time and money keeping the lights on—and more on strategic work—by letting Snowflake handle upgrades, availability, storage maintenance, compliance certifications and more.

How It Works

Unify Data With Fully Managed, Compressed Storage

Eliminate the need to stitch together multiple services and systems by supporting many workloads on unstructured, semi-structured and structured data—all in one platform.

With efficient compression, automatic micro-partitioning and encryption in transit and at rest, Snowflake’s fully managed storage helps you avoid the hassle of securing, backing up and optimizing your data files.

Unify Data With Fully Managed, Compressed Storage 
Integrated External Storage on Snowflake

Simplify Access to Data With Integrated External Storage

Manage and access files and tables stored in external data lake storage—including open file formats and Apache Iceberg—without having to copy or move data.

Easily integrate third-party data with direct access to live data sets from Snowflake Marketplace, which reduces the costs and burden associated with traditional extract, transform and load (ETL) pipelines and API-based integrations. Or, simply use native connectors to bring data in.

Know, Protect and Connect Your Data

Whether you’re storing data in Snowflake Horizon or your own cloud object storage, you can use Snowflake to understand, govern and monitor your data.

  • Detect and identify sensitive and PII data with Classification
  • Monitor sensitive data for compliance, discovery, protection and resource usage with Object Tagging
  • Enforce column-level security with Dynamic Data Masking and External Tokenization
  • Automate masking policy enforcement with tag-based masking
  • Enforce row-level security with Row Access Policies
  • Use built-in, ready-to-query views to comply with regulatory auditing requirements and understand lineage, usage patterns and relationships
Integrated External Storage on Snowflake
Code in your favorite language

Code and Process in Your Language of Choice

Run pipelines with Snowflake’s elastic multi-cluster compute for reliable performance, cost savings and near-zero maintenance.

Process files or tables in DataFrames simply and securely by using Snowpark to code in Python, Scala or Java—without the need for additional clusters, services or data copies to manage.

Gain Powerful Insights With Exceptional Price for Performance

Query semi-structured data at the same speed as performing relational queries while preserving the flexibility of schema-on-read.

Snowflake’s near-instant elasticity rightsizes compute resources, and consumption-based pricing ensures you only pay for what you use. Ongoing performance improvements and native optimizations continue to make costs increasingly efficient.

Usage Insight dashboard on Snowflake

Leaders Build Data LakesWith Snowflake

"By taking advantage of the Snowflake virtual warehouse, we were able to meet our one-to-three-minute SLA for processing pipelines and bring down total runtimes by as much as 75%."

$2.2 million

Estimated annual savings


Pipeline success rate

happy money

Eliminate SiloedDevelopment

Bring more workloads, users and use cases directly to your data—all within the AI Data Cloud.

Many Architectures InThe AI Data Cloud

In addition to building data lakes, you can use the Snowflake platform for a variety of architecture patterns to best suit your needs—all globally connected in the AI Data Cloud.

Data management on Snowflake

Data Mesh

Deliver domain-driven ownership with self-service infrastructure as a platform.

Data Lakehouse

Data Lakehouse

Build a transactional data lake architecture pattern for unified analytics, AI/ML and other collaborative workloads.

Snowflake Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse

Accelerate data analytics with leading price for performance and near-zero maintenance.

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