Unstructured data like documents, images, video, and audio files account for a tremendous amount of information, but extracting value from it poses complex challenges for organizations. Unstructured data is not easy to search, analyze, query or govern, resulting in added complexity, higher costs, and missed opportunities. 

In this webinar, you can learn about Snowflake’s support for unstructured data and how you can store, access, process, govern, and share it with a single data platform to maximize the value your organization extracts from ALL of your data. 

Join Senior Product Managers Saurin Shah and Bhanu Prakash as they walk through a series of demos on how how to:

  1. Store and access unstructured data using stages
  2. Replicate unstructured data for business continuity
  3. Govern unstructured data with Role-Based Access Control
  4. Process unstructured data in Python, Java, or Scala with Snowpark
  5. Process unstructured data using External Functions
  6. Process documents using a built-in LLM
  7. Automate continuous processing pipelines with Streams & Tasks
  8. Share unstructured data securely in the Data Cloud
  • Saurin Shah

    Senior Product Manager

  • Bhanu Prakash

    Senior Product Manager

  • Lara Schmidt

    Senior Software Engineer

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