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Snowflake for

Data Mesh

Deliver domain-driven ownership with self-service infrastructure as a platform.



Self-service infrastructure as a platform

Enable domain teams to work with tools and languages of their choice, and scale resources independently with Snowflake’s elastic performance engine.

Collaboration on data products

Seamlessly collaborate and share data products across clouds and regions without copying or ETL.

Federated governance

Use Snowflake’s native cross-cloud governance controls to strike the right balance between domain ownership and centrally managed governance.





third party catalog / snowflake marketplace inventory of shared data products

How to Knit Your Data Mesh with Snowflake

In this white paper, learn about the most critical Snowflake capabilities for a data mesh and common architecture patterns used by customers to implement a self-service data platform that supports distributed domains.

The Snowflake Approach to Data Mesh

In this webinar, learn how key capabilities of the Snowflake platform are uniquely suited to support Data Mesh implementations including a live demo.

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