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Build, market, and operate applications in the Data Cloud. With the Powered by Snowflake program, you get direct access to technical experts, go-to-market benefits, and support to help you grow your app and your business.

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Seismic is helping make sales teams more productive and engaging with buyers in a compelling way, all Powered by Snowflake.



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Build Better Products, Faster

Join workshops, leverage a rich library of resources, and request access to experts to design the right data architecture for your customer-facing applications.

Grow with the Data Cloud

Increase marketing exposure and reach new audiences with the Powered by Snowflake brand behind you.

Get Support for Your Apps

Access support engineers who specialize in application development environments and use cases to rapidly resolve issues and help optimize performance of your applications.

Design and Build on Snowflake

Access to technical experts to help design architecture, optimize performance, create security roles, and more.

Join Hundreds of

Snowflake Partners

Organizations around the world and across many industries successfully build, operate, and market applications Powered by Snowflake. 

BlackRock and Snowflake are partnering to build the Aladdin Data Cloud to address the evolving needs of the investment management community with the goal of making data more accessible and actionable.

Adobe leverages the Powered by Snowflake program for the Adobe Experience Cloud suite of products.

Observe is a SaaS observability offering Powered by Snowflake that correlates machine data—logs, metrics, and traces—to quickly troubleshoot modern distributed applications.

Lacework delivers data-driven cloud security solution in the Snowflake Data Cloud to rapidly predict and resolve potential threats.

OppLoans leverages Powered by Snowflake to operate a FinTech platform that provides its customers with accessible lending products.

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Get Started

Step 1: Enroll as a Powered by Snowflake Partner

Register for the Snowflake Partner Network and enroll as a Powered by Snowflake partner to gain access to resources that will help you build, operate, and market your application.

Step 2: Build Your Application on Snowflake

Power applications with Snowflake to accelerate time to market, deliver a better customer experience, and improve operational efficiency.

Step 3: Go-to-Market in the Data Cloud

Amplify your product across the Data Cloud by being Powered by Snowflake.

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Find the resources you need to build apps, data pipelines, and ML workflows at the Snowflake Developer Center.