Build and automate data products using a no-code orchestrator, plug in your existing MDS tools

Keboola is a Data Platform as a Service built on top of Snowflake enabling customers to accelerate their data projects.

Operate your data stack using no-code orchestrations and data templates to automate every business process across your departments with data. Customizable solution with plug-and-play integrations of your existing applications, such as Hightouch or dbt, and the option to write your own code and components thanks to Keboola as Code.

A fully scalable solution powered by Snowflake, with hundreds of native app connectors, enterprise-grade security & governance, native Snowpark support, and wide possibilities of customization. Take full advantage of your data and give your organization a huge advantage by unlocking new revenue streams and delivering actionable insights.

Keboola handles all your data demands. No more granular and disconnected data. With Keboola, you never have to worry about stitching together 10+ different tools, spending tons of money, and wasting valuable time. Focus on your data, not maintaining your infrastructure. 

We strongly believe in Data Mesh principles and provide: Self-service data platform as a service, Domain-oriented decentralized data ownership, and architecture, Data as a Product, and Federated Computational Governance.

And we add some core features on top!

  • No code orchestration
  • Fully CI/CD compliant pipeline dev/prod mode with collaborative workspaces
  • Data Product Catalog with the ability to build further
  • Centralized telemetry data feed
  • Application framework to develop your native apps
  • Speak the language you know (Python, SQL, R, Spark, Julia, and others)
  • Native Snowpark support

Keboola enables anyone to simply connect and orchestrate hundreds of integrations and tools, automation of all your data with complete data governance, user management, and 24/7 support.

Use cases

  • Retail
    • Forecast future demand and optimize your inventory. Build machine learning algorithms in Keboola and use advanced analytics to predict customer behavior.
  • eCommerce
    • Build a 360 view of your customer. Combine your customers’ brick-and-mortar activities with their online behavior and gain a complete understanding of their shopping habits.
  • Marketing
    • Drive higher ROI on your marketing campaigns. Collect marketing data from all your sources to truly understand your marketing efforts’ impact.
  • Financial Services
    • Keboola offers out-of-the-box features that help you move from slow and error-prone Excel reporting to automated data collection and streamlined BI dashboards. 
  • Hospitality & Restaurants
    • Capture customers‘ feedback, data from POS, and social media to create dashboards that will allow you to track your franchise performance and identify growth opportunities.

About the Partner:

At Keboola we believe that by surrounding ourselves with amazing people, we can achieve anything. That’s why we focus on building partnerships that matter – with companies that have a similar mindset as we do – empowering everyone to make data-driven decisions. Together with Snowflake, we provide a unique solution for every data-driven company. From small companies to enterprises, across the globe and all segments.


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