A digital experience cloud for better customer journey management

Piano helps businesses understand and activate their own data so they can deliver personalized experiences at scale and create lasting customer relationships. Orchestrate, measure and optimize every customer touchpoint to drive revenue with our fully customizable, white-labeled solution used by leading brands across every vertical.

  • Orchestrate user journeys: Design, deploy and manage audience experiences and offers based on scenarios, rules, triggers, and conditions within a simple drag and drop interface.
  • Measure and understand customer behavior: Master and share a complete data-driven view of customer activity across the organization with power, accuracy, compliance, timeliness and flexibility.
  • Optimize every user interaction: Collect information, build customer profiles, launch tests and activate insights in real time to drive personalization at scale

About the partner:

Piano helps organizations understand and influence customer behavior by putting the power of insights and logic into the hands of their employees. Using Piano’s powerful end-to-end Analytics and Activation Platform, clients have achieved more scale, engagement and revenue by expanding the lifecycle and value of every digital interaction. Piano’s global customer base includes IBM, Le Monde, Nielsen, the BBC, The Wall Street Journal, Société Générale, Le Bon Coin, Boulanger, Kirin Holdings and more. Piano has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing, most innovative technology companies in the world by Red Herring, World Economic Forum and Deloitte, among others. For more information, visit piano.io.

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