Habu provides data collaboration / data clean room software for marketers

Habu and its software are leaders in data collaboration / data clean room software. The software is used by some of the best brands in the world for data-collaboration-powered marketing use cases including activation, analytics, and measurement. Our UI is intuitive and designed for use by business users (including media buyers and account teams) as well as power users (including data scientists and advanced analysts).

About the Partner:

Habu is a global leader in data clean room software, enabling companies to benefit from the value of data collaboration while minimizing data movement. Habu has solutions that work across various cloud environments, as well as specific solutions built for Snowflake clients. We also help clients quickly capture high-value analysis in conjunction with industry clean rooms including Google ADH and Amazon Marketing Cloud. Habu connects data internally and externally with other partners, customers, and providers in privacy safe and compliant ways for better collaboration, decision making, and powerful marketing results.