The industry standard for planning & analytics, powering more than half of U.S. healthcare

Organizations representing over half of U.S. healthcare use Strata to reduce costs and better care for their communities. With a combined network of over 400 health systems and more than 2,000 hospitals, we have held the highest service levels in the industry for over a decade. Our cloud-based platform StrataJazz® is the industry standard for planning, analytics and performance.

Strata’s Product and Service Offerings:

StrataJazz is a single, modular, cloud-based platform that helps healthcare providers better plan, analyze and perform, driving margin to fuel their clinical mission. StrataJazz serves hospitals and healthcare delivery systems, radically simplifying the financial side of the house for healthcare providers.

Our on-premise EPSi product suite provides healthcare delivery systems with reporting and analytics, cost accounting, revenue modeling, planning and performance management.

Strata Advisory Services provides the leverage your organizations need to successfully deploy new approaches, eliminating the need for short-term and ineffective consulting engagements.

Unique to Strata, StrataSphere™ is a comprehensive data and research collaborative, enabling a view of utilization, finance and cost performance across healthcare. StrataSphere uses machine learning to leverage trillions of data points from this network that represents approximately 25% of all provider spend in U.S. healthcare.


About the partner:

Strata Decision Technology provides an innovative set of software and service solutions to help healthcare providers better analyze, plan and perform in support of caring for their community and reducing the cost of care. Our customer base includes 2,000+ hospitals and 400+ healthcare delivery systems. Founded in 1996, our mission is to Help Heal HealthcareTM.

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