Observe is a SaaS Observability offering that enables Engineering and DevOps teams to troubleshoot modern distributed applications 10x faster.

Observe consolidates machine-generated data emitted by applications and turns it into things that are understandable by humans.

Instead of searching for breadcrumbs amongst billions of events, engineers can now ask questions about familiar resources such as customers, containers, builds, tickets, and anything else. Observe maintains a graph of relationships between these resources and how they change over time, which is critical to easily provide context when investigating unknown issues. Finally, because of Observe’s unique cloud-native architecture, it is priced based on usage making it up to an order of magnitude less expensive.

About the partner:

Observe’s mission is to turn business data into information. Our SaaS Observability product ingests anything with a timestamp – logs, metrics, traces – and then curates and relates that data to provide unique insights into a customer’s data universe. If a customer has a problem on the application layer, engineering teams can seamlessly find the root cause of the issue whether that’s a new release pushed to production from Jenkins, or an underlying database or memory issue. We enable engineers to spend more time coding features and less time investigating incidents. We reduce outages and issues with customer experience. And we leverage an elastic cloud architecture so that customers only pay for what they use.

To learn more about Observe, visit www.observeinc.com or join the conversation on Twitter @Observe_Inc.

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