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Snowflake Marketplace

Find, try and buy third-party products to accelerate your analytics, app development and AI initiatives.


Snowflake Marketplace connects you to over 580 providers, offering more than 2,500 live, ready-to-use data, apps and AI products (as of April 30, 2024).

Access Data, Apps, and AI Products

Snowflake Marketplace offers a wide variety of data and Snowflake Native Apps including AI and ML products from some of the world’s leading companies. 

Reduce Integration Costs with No ETL

Harness the power of the AI Data Cloud to seamlessly connect to third-party providers without the integration burden of traditional ETL, API and FTP processes.

Try and Buy Products Faster

Reduce time spent evaluating and procuring third-party products  with self-service trials, ability to pay with your Snowflake Capacity commitment¹ and standardized terms of service.

Snowflake Marketplace Demo

In this product demo, you'll learn how Snowflake Marketplace enables you to find, try and buy data, apps and AI products from some of the world's leading companies.

Your One-Stop-Shop for Data, Apps and AI Models

Finding the right third-party data, app or AI product is easy with Snowflake Marketplace. Explore products based on category, country, industry use case or popularity, or use natural language to find relevant products with a single Universal Search.

Exclusive Access to Data, Apps and AI Products

Snowflake Marketplace provides access to unique datasets, apps and AI products you can’t find anywhere else. Exclusive datasets include ready-to-query public data, consumer spending, healthcare data and more.

Snowflake Native Apps and AI products put your data to work without the need to move or copy data outside the governance parameters of Snowflake Horizon, reducing security and procurement hurdles. 

Want to create a Marketplace to publish data, apps, and AI products to boost collaboration and value creation within your organization? 

Make Integration Easy with Immediate Access

Snowflake Marketplace is built using Cross-Cloud Snowgrid and Secure Data Sharing technology, which means the data, apps and AI products you find are immediately accessible, updated and ready-to-use in Snowflake.

Instead of creating copies of data and moving across environments, Snowflake customers can access live content, eliminating the countless hours managing and fixing fragile FTP, API, ETL processes and federated protocols.

Buy Third-Party Data and Apps with Confidence

Test drive third-party data, apps and AI products yourself with a no-obligation, self-service trial experience. When you’re ready to buy, you can tap into a pre-approved budget within your Snowflake Capacity commitment or with credit card, ACH, wire or SWIFT transfers. Marketplace products may offer consumption-based pricing plans, so you only pay for product usage.

Marketplace apps

Get Deeper Insights in Less Time

Browse all products on Snowflake Marketplace from financial market and LLM training data to SaaS connectors, data clean rooms, cost optimizers and AI-powered advanced analytics. Snowflake Marketplace offers solutions for your every business need.


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Start your 30-DayFree Trial

Try Snowflake free for 30 days and experience the AI Data Cloud that helps eliminate the complexity, cost and constraints inherent with other solutions. 

¹Only available in select regions. See documentation for full program details.