The retail industry has come a long way from its brick-and-mortar legacy, to leveraging purchase data, demographic and psychographic data, location data, and other types of intelligence to personalize customer experiences, improve campaign performance, and, ultimately, increase basket size and revenue.

Retailers and their consumer company partners are also harnessing data on the supply chain and fulfillment end of the business as companies leverage weather data, transportation data, and more, to help make decisions about inventory management and staffing.

To empower their teams to make data-driven decisions, retail and consumer companies are increasingly leveraging third-party data and integrating it with their own first-party data. However, traditional methods for sourcing third-party data are inefficient, may not scale, and can require extensive engineering work before the data can be used.

In this ebook, you will learn how to:

  • Easily discover and access third-party data without any ETL, making the data immediately available for analysis or to merge with your own data
  • Unlock the value of your data with more powerful segmentation and targeting and personalize customer experiences
  • Solve traditional data sharing challenges, such as manual and ad hoc methods of data sharing, and more.