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Discover, evaluate, and purchase the data, data services, and applications you need to innovate for your business.


Data-driven business leaders enhance internal data with third party data products to inform their decisions and drive innovations. In this product demo, you'll learn how Snowflake Marketplace enables you to discover, evaluate and purchase data, data services and applications from some of the world's leading data and solution providers.

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Organization in Less Time

The Snowflake Marketplace connects you to over  310 providers, offering more than 1,500 live, ready-to-query data, data services, and applications.*

*As of July 31, 2022.

Discover More Than Just Data

The Marketplace is home to a variety of data, data services, and applications. From public health and financial data to identity resolution services and SaaS connectors, there are solutions here for just about everything.

Reduce Integration Costs

Virtually eliminate the costs and delays associated with traditional ETL processes and integration with direct access to ready-to-query data and pre-built SaaS connectors.

Access Fresh Data Faster

Avoid the risk and hassle of copying and moving stale data. Instead, you can securely access live, governed, and shared data and receive near real-time automatic updates.

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