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Snowflake Cortex AI

Build generative AI applications with fully managed LLMs and chat with your data services.

Data Cloud Summit 24

Snowflake Summit: What’s New in Cortex AI?

Read about the latest announcements, including Cortex Search, Cortex Analyst, LLM fine-tuning and more.


Run top-tier LLMs, state-of-the-art hybrid search and other services next to your governed data.


Skip the infrastructure management with serverless AI to analyze unstructured data, build chatbots and other AI apps.


Protect the value of your data and models with industry-leading security and unified governance trusted by thousands of organizations.

Cortex Analyst

Enable business users to interact with data using natural language, helping them to find answers faster, self-serve insights and save valuable time 1

Cortex Search

Quickly and securely find information by asking questions within a given set of enterprise documents with fully managed hybrid search (semantic + keyword) and retrieval 1

Foundation and Embed Models

Access top-tier large language models (LLMs) such as Snowflake Arctic, Meta Llama 3, Mistral Large and more using serverless functions.

Cortex Fine-Tuning

Customize LLMs securely and effortlessly to increase the accuracy and performance of models for use-case specific tasks 2

AI & ML Studio

Empower users of all technical levels to securely use AI with a built-in no-code development interface 1

1 Private Preview  2 Public Preview

Built on Snowflake Cortex AI

Fully managed AI experiences available inside Snowsight

Snowflake Copilot

Document AI

Universal Search

Improve productivity with a breakthrough AI-powered SQL assistant that refines queries through conversation

*Currently in Public Preview

Screenshot of Snowflake Copilot

Extract values from multiple PDFs and other documentsusing Arctic-TILT, a multi-modal LLM developed by Snowflake.

*Currently in Public Preview

Snowflake Document AI Screenshot

Find the data and apps you’re looking for faster, across both your Snowflake account and the Marketplace, in one search.

*Currently in Public Preview

Snowflake Universal Search Screenshot

Generative AIUse Cases

Batch Text Processing

Analytics Assistants

Document Chatbots

Abstract data illustration

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Delivery rich analytics on text-based datasets with custom summaries, sentiment analysis, translation and other NLP-based tasks.

Snowflake Document AI logo

Intelligent Document Processing

Extract content like invoice amounts or contract terms across a large volume of documents.

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