Snowflake Cortex for Generative AI

Quickly analyze text data and build AI applications with fully managed, industry-leading AI models, LLMs and vector search.


Leverage high-performing LLMs from Mistral AI, Meta, Google and more via SQL/Python serverless functions.

Easy to Use

Use AI in everyday analytics or build LLM apps without any infrastructure management.


Optimized compute infrastructure for models to run securely without moving governed data.

Run AI in Seconds with Specialized Functions

Use serverless SQL or Python functions to cost-effectively analyze text data with smaller, task-tuned language models, or generate predictions and insights on your structured data with ML-based functions.

watch llm-based translate demo
Structured data being translated with Snowflake Cortex
Structured data being translated with Snowflake Cortex

Build AI chatbots in minutes with powerful LLMs and Vector Search

Quickly build context-enriched applications using Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG), which combines your governed data with cutting-edge LLMs like Llama 2 and Mistral-Large, as well as SQL and Python serverless functions for vector embedding and similarity1.

1Currently in Public Preview

Built on Snowflake Cortex

Snowflake Copilot

Document AI

Universal Search

Improve productivity with a breakthrough AI-powered SQL assistant that refines queries though conversation

*Currently in Public Preview

Screenshot of Snowflake Copilot

Extract values from multiple PDFs and other documents using a multi-modal LLM developed by Snowflake.

*Currently in Private Preview

Snowflake Document AI Screenshot

Find the data and apps you’re looking for faster, across both your Snowflake account and the Marketplace, in one search.

*Currently in Public Preview

Snowflake Universal Search Screenshot

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