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Data Cloud Capabilities

The Snowflake Data Cloud empowers organizations to realize the full potential of data, apps and more. It delivers resources at near-unlimited scale, concurrency and performance for even the most demanding workloads. See how organizations are using the Data Cloud to do more with data.

Diverse Data Workloads

The Data Cloud is much more than a compute and storage solution.

Although near-limitless, automatically scaling compute and storage resources are essential components, organizations also leverage Snowflake to collaborate, build apps and power other diverse workloads, including data engineering, data lakes, and AI and machine learning (ML) development and deployment.

Data Security and Governance

Industry-leading security and governance capabilities in Snowflake Horizon (features in preview) enable the organizations to protect sensitive content from inappropriate access and tampering, allowing them to more easily achieve and maintain regulatory compliance.These tools support a wide range of operations, including role-based access control (RBAC), object tagging, masking policies, lineage and more.

Data Access

The Snowflake Data Cloud provides a single place for organizations to store, use and share their data. 

The Data Cloud supports all data types, allowing structured, semi-structured and unstructured data to be brought together. Operating on a single source of truth eliminates the data patchwork created when business data is spread across disparate systems, applications and storage.

Consolidate Security Data with Snowflake

Advanced Analytics

The Data Cloud provides the resources required for operationalizing data with advanced analytics. 

Use cases from predictive analytics to BI and reporting require enormous compute resources. With near-limitless, automatically scalable compute power, the Data Cloud is ideal for executing advanced analytics processes with speed and efficiency, unlocking actionable insights quickly. In addition, the Snowflake Marketplace provides secure access to third-party data products that organizations can use to enhance the effectiveness of their analytics programs. 


AI and ML technologies are providing new avenues for data-driven growth and innovation. 

One of the most exciting Data Cloud capabilities is support for a range of AI and ML workloads, empowering organizations to use these technologies more effectively. Snowflake Cortex (features in preview) enables organizations to unlock the potential of generative AI and large language models to quickly and securely analyze their data and build powerful AI apps.

Snowpark ML, the Python library and the underlying infrastructure for end-to-end ML workflows in Snowflake allows organizations to easily build and deploy ML models tailored to business use cases. Teams can quickly build features, train models and deploy them into production using familiar Python syntax, with all data remaining securely within its governance boundary. 


The Snowflake Marketplace provides Snowflake customers with more than access to ready-to-use data and services.

The Snowflake Marketplace also offers Snowflake Native Apps (generally available on AWS and Azure, private preview on GCP). Snowflake Native Apps run natively within the Data Cloud, bringing the application code directly to the customer’s data. This new breed of applications runs in the customer’s account, eliminating the need to move or provide external access to their data. The customer’s data remains securely stored in the Data Cloud.

The Snowflake Native App Framework has benefits for developers too. With Snowflake Marketplace, developers can publish their app once and deliver it to thousands of organizations in the Data Cloud, helping customers across clouds and regions easily find, try and buy their apps.

Realize the Full Potential of Your Data

The Snowflake Data Cloud is a modern platform purpose-built for the cloud. With the Data Cloud’s advanced capabilities that power analytics, AI and ML workflows, and app development, the Data Cloud provides the infrastructure and features data-driven organizations need to meet the challenges of the future today.