Snowflake Horizon

Govern and discover with a built-in, unified set of compliance, security, privacy, interoperability and access capabilities in the AI Data Cloud.


Essential governance without additional configurations or protocols.


Advanced privacy policies and cross-cloud data sharing enable discovery and access of data, apps and more.


Immediately act on data inside and outside your organization.

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How It Works


Protect and audit your data with compliance, business continuity, data quality monitoring and lineage:

  • Secure data on a platform with comprehensive compliance certifications

  • Replicate and failover databases, shares, role-based access control, governance policies, compute resources, network policies, and more across clouds

  • Monitor data quality with both out-of-the-box and custom metrics3

  • Audit data usage through Access History and Schema Change Tracking

  • Understand the flow of data through object dependencies and lineage

Snowboard dashboard tracking data lineage
Snowflake trust center showing security insights and violation alerts


Secure your environment with continuous risk monitoring and protections, RBAC and granular authorization policies:

  • Safeguard data with built-in platform security capabilities across areas like authentication, encryption, connectivity and networking
  • Continuously monitor for security risks across clouds based on industry best practices2

  • Enforce row- and column-level security across clouds with RBAC and policies, eliminating the need to manage multiple versions of the same data


Unlock the value of your sensitive data with advanced privacy policies and data clean rooms:

  • Identify and tag PII and other sensitive data with Custom Data Classifiers4
  • Protect sensitive data while retaining analytical value with Aggregation,4 Projection4 and Differential Privacy Policies3

  • Easily collaborate on sensitive data with multiple teams inside and outside your organization with Snowflake Data Clean Rooms
Collaborate on sensitive data with multiple teams inside and outside your organization with Snowflake Native Data Clean Rooms
Snowflake and Apache Iceberg logos


Integrate with other Apache Iceberg-compatible catalogs and engines, in addition to data catalog and data governance partners:

  • Iceberg Tables can be configured to use either Snowflake or an external service as the catalog to track metadata4

  • Pre-built Snowflake integrations by leading data governance, security and data observability data catalog and data governance partners allow customers to maximize existing data investments and better manage their entire data estate


Classify, share, discover and immediately act on data, apps and more across regions and clouds:

  • Identify and track sensitive data with built-in Automatic Classification,1 Custom Classification3 and Object Tagging

  • Collaborate efficiently across teams and business units without ETL or integrations by sharing direct access to live data and Snowflake Native Apps

  • Discover the rich set of content within your organization, as well as data and apps available on Snowflake Marketplace, with a single Universal Search3

  • Use natural language powered by LLMs to easily interact with and query data using Snowflake Copilot3

Screenshot of Data Product listings in the Snowflake Marketplace

1 In development, 2 In private preview soon, 3 In private preview, 4 In public preview


The Definitive Guide to Governance in Snowflake

Govern and discover with a built-in, unified set of capabilities in the AI Data Cloud.

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