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Simplify data architectures and deploy AI to power the future of privacy-enhanced advertising and superior customer services.

Build the Open, Interoperable Ecosystem of the Future

Our mission is to break down data silos, overcome complexity and enable secure data collaboration between publishers, advertisers and the essential technologies that support them.

Simplify data architectures and tap into an open, interoperable ecosystem that personalizes individual customer experiences—all while maintaining the highest standards of data governance and privacy.

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Leading Media Brands Choose Snowflake to Mobilize their Data
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Solve Business-Critical Use Cases with the Media Data Cloud

Privacy-First Collaboration With Snowflake Data Clean Rooms

Enable secure collaboration on sensitive data with partners and customers through AI-powered clean rooms that are built for business and technical users alike. 

Data Clean Rooms on Snowflake
 Subscriber analytics

Enhanced Audience Analytics for Higher Engagement and Lifetime Value

Create personalized experiences—from in-platform streaming recommendations to tailored ads—by maximizing first-party data and insights from the broader ecosystem.

Connect With the Media and Advertising Ecosystem on the Data Cloud

Deliver your data and apps directly to your customers via Snowflake Marketplace, enabling exceptional customer experiences and effective ads—without compromising data security and privacy.

 Snowflake Marketplace
AI and ML on Snowflake

The Future of Media Relies on AI and ML

Create next-generation content and audience segmentation with the latest in data science and generative AI—all without moving data out of your Snowflake environment.


Build Your Cross-Cloud Future

The essential data infrastructure to break down data silos and enable the collaboration and connectivity the advertising, media & entertainment industry needs.

Use Case Spotlight

Media and Publishers

AdTech and MarTech


Sports & Entertainment

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Accelerate advertising revenue

Maximize revenue by connecting your ecosystem of owned channels, adtech and martech providers, and advertisers on Snowflake.

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Boost audience engagement and lifetime value

Build a complete view of your audiences by using audience touchpoints from cross-channel engagements—from in-app streaming to linear to web.

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Optimize the media supply chain

Break down silos and create a single source of truth for valuable content metadata across every stage—whether ideation, device-based playout or archive.


Media & Entertainment Leaders Build on Snowflake

“We use the Snowflake Data Cloud to provide the best experience for our artists, for them to understand their fans … but it also helps to inform us of where we’re going to invest in new artists and new content types.”

CIO, Warner Music Group


Audiences syndicated with Snowflake and partner


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The Media EcosystemIs Built on Snowflake

Snowflake has a robust ecosystem of partners that provide media solutions to enable key use cases.

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Snowflake Marketplace

See the latest listings from essential industry data and app providers like LiveRamp, Acxiom, The Trade Desk and more.

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Snowflake Partners

Build the future of your business by connecting essential systems integrators, technology providers and applications directly in your Snowflake account.

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Snowflake Community

See how leading data practitioners are building the future of the advertising, media and entertainment business on Snowflake.

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