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Snowflake On Snowflake

Get an inside look at how Snowflake teams use Snowflake to make critical data-driven decisions. Each session dives deep into a new use case and includes a demonstration of how different departments utilize the AI Data Cloud.

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Crawl, Walk, Run: Journey from Customer 360 to Advanced Campaign Intelligence

Register to learn how BODi improved LTV to CAC ratio by 65% with a marketing data foundation and measurement on Snowflake


Saving Millions in SaaS Spend With AI on Snowflake

Discover how Snowflake's AI strategy saves $5M in SaaS spend and enhances IT with ServiceNow integration for operational efficiency.

Live Webinar

Automated Threat Intelligence Correlation

In this webinar, we will demonstrate how Snowflake’s security team harnesses the power of Snowflake as a centralized security data lake and as an application development platform to provide a fully integrated threat intelligence solution.

JUL. 16, 2024

10:00 AM PT


Snowflake and PurpleCube AI Revolutionize Data Engineering with GenAI & Machine Learning

Snowflake and PurpleCube AI, the industry’s first GenAI embedded, unified data orchestration platform announced a groundbreaking strategic partnership. This alliance empowers businesses to drive data-driven innovation at unprecedented speed and scale.


Unlocking The Power of Marketing Analytics

Hear from the leaders of the Snowflake Marketing Analytics team who are responsible for every aspect of our marketing data strategy and learn about our internal marketing process for leveraging Snowflake.


Inside Marketing’s Lead Scoring

Snowflake’s marketing intelligence team shares secrets to increasing your sales pipeline with lead scoring powered by data science.


Driving Product Strategy with Data Science

Get a behind-the-scenes look into how Snowflake’s product, engineering, and data science teams leverage Snowflake’s Data Cloud to drive product strategy.


Boost Market Efficiency With Snowflake: Leverage Outreach's Customer Data

Learn how Snowflake increased customer engagement with timely, reliable and direct access to customer engagement data from SaaS provider in Snowflake.


Using the Data Cloud to Power Sales Pipeline Forecasting

Learn how the Snowflake team leverages the Data Cloud to forecast sales pipeline.


Streamlining Global IT Operations with Snowflake’s ServiceNow Connector

Learn how Snowflake’s IT team uses the Snowflake ServiceNow Connector, currently in private preview, to streamline global IT operations.


How and Why We Built Our Marketing Analytics Ecosystem

Watch this webinar to learn how (and why) the marketing intelligence team at Snowflake built our marketing analytics ecosystem.


Gaining Real-Time Visibility into Security Controls

Join us for this behind-the-scenes look into how Snowflake’s IT and security teams are using our own Snowflake Data Cloud to protect our environment.






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