Get a behind-the-scenes look into how Snowflake’s product, engineering, and data science teams leverage Snowflake’s Data Cloud to drive product strategy. 

Product innovation and growth are essential to Snowflake’s success and, more importantly, to our customers’ success. We are customer one, using Snowflake within every department to provide us with key insight into understanding areas for improvement early on to enhance workload features and functionality for our customers. 

In this session you’ll hear from the Snowflake Product Data Science team, the central team responsible for every step of translating data into insights that improve the product. Listen in as Chris Pouliot, Head of Data Science and Analytics, and Margaret Campbell, Data Scientist, detail our internal product data science initiative at Snowflake.

Attend this webinar session to learn:

  • Why product innovation is important to the organization and key challenges we faced early on
  • Snowflake’s process for data pipeline, data analysis, visualization and dashboards, and predictive analytics
  • Key metrics, dashboards, and insights we use to improve the product
  • Lessons learned and how we are approaching our future strategy
  • Chris Pouliot

    Head of Data Science and Analytics, Product Management

  • Margaret Campbell

    Senior Data Scientist, Product Management