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What are JSON Databases? Do I Need One?

JSON has become the standard format for collecting and storing semi-structured data sets that originate from IoT devices, mobile devices and the web. In the not so recent past, JSON storage and analysis required specific JSON databases.

What is NoSQL?

NoSQL databases such as Hadoop, MongoDB, or document databases traditionally have been the only method to ingest semi-structured data. Today there is no need to distinguish between SQL and NoSQLwhen you can easily have both structured and semi-structured data within a SQL relational database.

Snowflake's Data Cloud offers native support to load and query semi-structured data, including JSON, XML, Parquet, Avro, ORC, and other formats, with no need for JSON databases. The days of first loading semi-structured data into enabled JSON databases, parsing it, and then moving it into relational database tables are over. Say goodbye to separate SQL vs NoSQL use cases

With Snowflake, users can:

  • Ingest semi-structured data without transformation
  • Choose to flatten semi-structured, nested data formats into SQL tables or leave in native formats
  • Run SQL-based queries across both structured and semi-structured data types

Avoid JSON Databases; Try Out Snowflake with No Commitment

The Snowflake Free Trial affords you to experience the full platform experience with no commitment. Fire up the trial today to:

  • Process and query structured and semi-structured data with full JSON support
  • Scale compute resources up or down as needed to handle unique concurrency requirements
  • Connect to key BI tools and automate ETL processes
  • Decide to continue with Snowflake after the trial with usage-based billing