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Data Repository vs. Data Platform

A data repository is a collection of data in a physically stored location or an assigned data storage location. More specific definitions include locations within an existing IT infrastructure where organizations or businesses are storing data across multiple databases or in some cases, where partitioned data sets are stored together (also this latter definition more accurately belongs to the data warehouse). Data marts are also sometimes referred to as data repositories, also this is a narrow definition.

Then What is a Data Platform?

A data platform (or Big Data Platform) combines the functionality and features of big data tools and infrastructure to create a unified solution. The data platform is largely the domain of enterprise-sized organizations that need to continuously store, manage, and mine Big Data sets. A data platform provides a full set of integrated tools, from data warehousing to data management, data sharing, and BI, to reduce operational complexity and increase performance for data analytics functions. A data repository may be part of a data platform but not vice-versa. 

Data Platforms and Snowflake

Snowflake delivers a fully featured platform that goes far beyond any standard definition of data repository. By combining native data lake, shared data warehouse, data sharing, and data marketplace capabilities with integrations to leading BI, data management, data analytics, and data integration partners, Snowflake delivers a data platform built to address the Big Data requirements of today's enterprises.