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Data Ingestion Problems? Try Snowflake with No Commitment

Data ingestion, the process of obtaining and importing data for immediate storage or use in a database, can cause challenges for businesses with large data sets that require frequent frequent ETL jobs.

Data ingestion usually comes in two flavors - data streaming (a more recent development since the dawn of ubiquitous broadband Internet) and data ingested in batches (sometimes requiring ETL or ELT). Real-time data streaming naturally follows no or an unpredictable ingestion schedule. Batch data ingestion batches imports data in discrete chunks at more pre-determined time slots An effective data ingestion process begins by prioritizing data sources, validating individual files and routing data items to the correct destination.

Add the mix of structured (SQL) and semi-structured (JSON, XML, etc.) to this scenario and it is easy to see why many businesses struggle to ingest data at the consistent and reasonable speeds needed to gain key insights. While there are many software solutions that help facilitate data ingestion, they are often leave adjacent problems such as incompatible data formats, multi-cloud data sources, and scalability requirements to other tools, if at all. A holistic approach should not only consider how data is moved into the data lake or data warehouse, but also how that data is then integrated and analyzed to provide users with maximum business insight.

See First-Hand How to Solve Your Data Streaming and Ingestion Problems

Snowflake's Data Cloud solves many of the data ingestion problems that companies face and can help your organization:

  • Seamlessly integrate structured and semi-structured data (JSON, XML, and more) for more complete business analysis
  • Automate and increase data ingestion speed to provide faster business analytics
  • Easily scale compute resources up or down to match data demand and handle unplanned high data loads
  • Use either or both Azure and AWS data ingestion pipelines (multi-cloud)

Test Drive the Data Cloud

In addition to seeing how the Snowflake Data Cloud can help you better ingest data and solve data streaming issues, spin up a Snowflake free trial to:

  • Get a full look at Snowflake under the covers – explore the UI and sample data sets
  • Process semi-structured data with full JSON support
  • Instantly scale compute resources up and down to handle unique concurrency needs
  • Set up and run ETL and connect to leading BI tools
  • Experiment with programmatic access and Spark/Python
  • Process semi-structured data with full JSON support
  • Choose to continue with Snowflake right away with pay-as-you-use billing

Video: Getting Started with the Snowflake Free Trial