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The Need for Data Analysis Certifications

Big Data continues to grow unchecked and has become an essential source for making data-driven decisions for organizations big and small. With this growth,, demand is also high for specialized data analysts who can unlock the gold in Big Data by identifying opportunities and separating the signal from the noise.

Big Data is now ubiquitous across almost all major industries and professions, from technology and manufacturing to transportation, academia, and government. For those interested and entering the field of data analytics or simply keeping pace with the evolution of data analysis, data analysis certifications have become highly valuable markers of expertise. 

Data Analysis Certifications Allow You to Port Skills Across Many Industries

Data analysis skills are highly portable across a wide range of industries and professions, so having data analysis certifications can open you up to a range of interesting employment opportunities. From retail and finance to healthcare, aviation, local and national government, and more, a certification can make it easier to land a position as a business analyst, data scientist, or statistician..

Understanding the Data Analytics Technology Landscape

At the same time, it is also valuable to learn about the tools and platforms that enable data analytics, especially if the analytics involves large data sets and disparate data types and sources. Below and at right are some compelling options to both master cloud data warehousing concepts, learn more about data architecture, and better understand the advantages of cloud analytics.

From Zero to Snowflake in 90 Minutes

snowflake data analysis certifications

This hands-on workshop shows you how to drastically reduce time to insight, scale up or down instantly depending on need, and analyze all your data from all your sources. with the only data warehouse built for cloud. Learn how to set up a data warehouse in practically no time and start receiving the actionable insights your business needs. Find a data warehouse workshop near you.

Snowflake Cloud Analytics Academy

The Cloud Analytics Academy helps you champion cloud analytics in your business or organization with any of the Academy’s four instructional tracks. The expert-led courses will you’ll leave the professional-led courses a cloud analytics expert, with the skills needed to make the case for leading with the cloud. Learn more about this analytics certification program.

Snowflake Weekly Live Demo

Learn how Snowflake has changed the paradigm for cloud data warehousing and cloud analytics. Our weekly 30-minute demos feature product experts showing key Snowflake features, explaining Snowflake's unique data warehousing architecture, and answering live questions.